The mission of Flattr is to make it easy to give to creators of all types by providing a quick, ubiquitous, and simple to use platform.  We want to see the greatest diversity possible in the numbers of people and projects being supported through our service.

The creative tech industry has been growing at very impressive rate but there is still work to be done to ensure that this dynamic scene is open, accessible, and welcoming.  We would like to take a moment to highlight just a few of the many awesome folks who have been working very hard in this regard.

Anita SarkeesianFeminist Frequency
When pop culture media critic Anita Sarkeesian started a Kickstarter project to examine gender dynamics in pop culture and female tropes in video games she received a tidal wave of abuse in the form of racist, sexist, and generally threatening comments.  This completely uncalled for behavior once again brought to light the often unspoken oppressive environment of modern day gaming culture. Currently, roughly only 11% of gaming developers are women while women make up a massive percentage of gaming consumers.

Although Anita has even received death and rape threats she didn’t back away from her important project (which was fully funded by backers 25x over) and has turned her site Feminist Frequency into platform for smart conversation and critical dialog.  You can watch Anita’s latest talk at TEDx Women, as well as, support her awesome work via Flattr here.

Gender Equality at Conferences
For many years media and tech conferences made no effort whatsoever to have a balanced gender dynamic.  To this day many conferences have many more male speakers and male dominated panels and thus much higher male attendance.  Luckily, conferences like The Conference from Media Evolution in our hometown of Malmö are doing their part in making a more accessible forum.

This year representation has even gotten better at conferences like Austin’s SXSWi which had once been described as a “brogrammers playground”.  We’re very excited to watch this trend grow tremendously in 2013.

Other great projects for gender equality, respect, and diversity in tech that you can support via Flattr right now:
We have a vision: A world in which women are equal and welcome participants in open source software, open data, and open culture.
A german based queer news, arts, and culture magazine and community site.
Feminist blog on motherhood, career, society, and relationships.
A blog about IT, feminism, and remixing culture by the very smart and witty @sargoth


5 thoughts on “Gender, Technology, Diversity and Creativity

  1. I think it would be in flattr’s best interest to remain politically neutral in this aspect.

  2. A bit more information should probably be provided, given the endorsement to send flattr donations. Kaffeeringe might not understand that “John Doe” isn’t referring to the support of the feminist movement but of many controversial aspects of Ms. Sarkeesian’s work and the lack of progress on the already well-funded Kickstarter.

  3. It really boggles my mind from how many directions she still gets flak for doing what she does – from mean bullies to high brow envious people. Really – she does nothing else than educating people – and you don’t even have to watch.

    I think she made some amazing videos with deep research since her kickstarter.

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