We love when services integrate with Flattr. This weekend it happened again when the Austrian podcasting service gpodder.net enable podcasters and listeners to connect with us.

gpodder.net is a free podcasting webservice that connects podcast-clients. It lets users manage podcast subscriptions via the web and sync it to their clients on their computer and phones. They have an open API that client developers can use to integrate their clients with.

All podcasts on gpodder.net that include payment URLs now have Flattr buttons.

Similarly to Grooveshark gpodder.net implemented a neat automatic way to support your favorite podcasters. Just turn auto-flattr on and you’ll automatically Flattr podcast you listen to!

“Our goals with the Flattr integration were two-fold. We wanted to give
podcast listeners an easy way to Flattr content and give developers of podcast clients an incentive to integrate gpodder.net and get Flattr support “for free”, says gpodder.net’s Stefan Kögl.

Podcasts are hitting the roof in popularity. Brilliant we think. We have a podcast category in our catalog you can browse to find podcasts to listen to.