2012 has been a year of heavy developments at Flattr. Among some things we introduced connections to make it easier to become flattrable, announced a revenue sharing program for partner sites and integrated with the music streaming service Grooveshark.

On behalf of everybody at Flattr I wish you a Happy New Year!

Developer challenge
To have an active developer community is crucial for us. With our well documented API  you can build cool new services on top of ours or improve your old one by adding the magic of micropayment.

The new catalog was born and we remade our categories

See what content is getting most flattrs in an array of categories and see what’s trending right now. A great way to find great stuff on the internet.

A-round of investment public
When you believe strongly in an idea it’s always a wonderful feeling when people agrees with you. Especially when they’re are doing it to the extend that they’re taking your side and is ready to join you on your journey to make the idea happen.

A Flattr widget for your site
We doesn’t say we’re a social service just because it’s cool. We truly are and we believe that it’s people, creators and supporters, that make the internet go round.

Embedded media in our catalog
A photo says more than a thousands words. A song can change the world. A tweet is richer than a link. It was a no-brainer to embed the media directly in our catalog.

The first version of our browser extensions
We’re constantly working to make it easier to flattr the content you like. Using our browser extensions is one of the most convenient ways to do it.

Soundcloud and Gogoyoko
Music is always flowing at our office. Musicians is a group of creators that has struggled to make money on the internet. Our integration with Soundcloud and Gogogyoko is only the start to make it happen.

Facebook timeline integration
With a nice little box on your Facebook page you can now show your friends what you are flattring.

We became social
Follow any Flattr user to see what they flattr in real time in the Social tab.

Improved way to use Flattr for one time donations
Sometimes you encounter creators you want to donate precise amount of money to. We improved Flattr to work for that use case as well.

Apple rejected Flattr in app store
Not the best moment in history, one that proved again that monopolies are bad. The podcasting app Instacast had proven that listeners wanted to support the creators with real money in an in app behavior. Apple didn’t like that they used Flattr and rejected a new update. We have a different view on what a Flattr is and when the payment is being made.
Techcrunch’s report on what happened: “Apple Rejects Apps Integrating Micro-Payments Service Flattr, Company Claims “It’s Not the End”

Get money to Flattr when you shop at Amazon
Aflattr and Socialvest is two service to us to get refunds when you shop at big sites. Use them to get money to you Flattr account.

Meetup in Berlin
Had a great evening with some of our beloved German users.

Introducing connections

We are constantly thinking about how we can make more content flattrable. Under the course of the year we realized that we need to make any content flattrable, even of you use services like Twitter and Instagram.

Announced revenue sharing and our partner Platform
To encourage other services and sites to use Flattr we introduced a revenue sharing program. When people flattr content creators on a partner service 50% of what we make goes to the service, the creator still gets 90%.

Subscriptions made easier
Letting you automatically flattr a creator every month is the easiest way to give support over time. It’s a subscription and we made it even simpler.

The ambassadors emerged from the shadows
There’s a group of flattr users that are helping us to develop the service on a daily basis. We decided to hook them up in a group to show are gratitude. And to invite you to join.

New feature: send messages to your supporters
It’s a great feeling to see the result of ones contributions.

Opened an App Gallery
Third party developers are crucial to the development of Flattr. We introduced an App Gallery for you to find them and to show them our love.

Our friends at Nyheter24 integrated Flattr
The Swedish news site Nyheter24 started to use Flattr and decided to give the money they make to charity. Nice.

Integration with Grooveshark
A big thing for us. The music streaming service Grooveshark implemented Flattr buttons on artists profiles. A great way to support artists directly, right where you listen to them.
Evolver.fm & TechCrunch reported on it.

We moved into a new office, and centrated on the release of new the Flattr!


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  1. Your new office looks quite serious, hope this won’t affect the appearance of the relaunch ;) Nevertheless I wish you guys a productive and creative new year! Thanks for your work!

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