Last month we enabled creators to stay in touch with supporters by sending them updates. A great way to show thankfulness, brief about what the Flattr money has been used for and to give inside info about what’s next.

AlburjI just got a nice mail from James Albury, a citizen journalist in London. He uses Flattr on his Bambuser channel and is always in need of a better battery and other hardware to do better broadcasts.

Here’s a part of his email:

“Just a quick note to thank all the people who have generously donated to my Bambuser so far. Your contributions really have made a difference, I have improved battery packs, lighting and there are more cutting edge developments in the pipeline. It’s because of your support that this is possible.”

It’s awesome to get this kind insights. Made my day. Go support James and make sure you keep your supporters informed about what your are doing. If you use Bambuser don’t forget to connect your channel to Flattr.

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