This is a guest post by Per Thulin, co-founder of Youtify and previously a developer at Flattr. Now he is on a task to do an app, the perfect editor.

The target audience for my app is not very big and I do not expect it to attract venture capital. Still, it will improve the lives for many people, and this is where crowdfunding shines: it is simply the best way for people to get together and fund projects that they want to see happen, even though the market for these projects is not big enough for the traditional way of funding.

I use two kinds of crowdfunding: I have a fund-raising Indiegogo and Flattr. Services like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are great for raising the initial amount of money that is needed for a project to get of ground. But what happens when the campaign is over? Software projects never gets “done”, users will always demand software to improve over time, operating systems evolve and bugs will always be found long after initial release. This is the big difference between Flattr and the other: Flattr never stops. At Flattr, the money will continue to flow as long as people wants the project to live.

Apps, just like music and film, is best distributed using the Internet. However, creators on the Internet still lacks a good way to get any money for their work. Hopefully Flattr can solve this. I plan to integrate Flattr into the editor itself making it super simple for anyone to support the editor they love while actually using it.

If you are developer, be sure to check out HappyEdit at Indiegogo and Flattr and join me in my adventure.

/Per :)

This is the first guest post on the Flattr blog. If you have something you want to put the spotlight on with a guest post contact us.

4 thoughts on “Why Flattr is great for app developers

  1. Hey, thanks for having me on the blog!

    Now, I’m interested in hearing YOUR thoughts on app development + crowdfunding – is it the way to go, or are app stores the future as well as the present? I’ll stick around here in the comments!

  2. Guest posts are a great idea. But the authors should have their own Flattr button without having to comment on their own article ;-)

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