Treat your supporters with some extra topping!

Are you a creator getting money from your fans? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give them something back to them? A chance to tell them what you are doing next and thank them for their support, even share your secrets. Now you can!

We have just added a way to send a message to all the people that have flattred you, ever. This is a chance for you to treat them with something special.

This is your chance to
– Share what have you done with the money, link to pictures, blog posts or videos.

– Give them something extra, create some secret content just for them. Make them feel special.

– Show them the next thing, link to the new, give them a reason to flattr you in the future.

Things to remember before you click send
People do not like spam, remember to not only ask for more flattrs or just say “thank you”. Give them something real or they will probably opt-out from any future messages. It’s also good to write in a language that most of your supporters understand.

You find the new feature in the user-drop down menu of the top right on all flattr pages. Time to give some love back!

5 thoughts on “Treat your supporters with some extra topping!

  1. These messages should not be opt-out, they should be opt-in. Like, when you click a flattr button, a popup could ask you if you want messages from that person, or something like that. I would hate flattring 100 things, and then have to opt-out of messages from all of them.

  2. I agree with Jakob on this one.

    Seems like a cool thing, will probably over some gifts later on to all the people that helped out and by giving away some of the game creatures or items for free.

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