Last day of the month, some great things to Flattr!

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read
Great site that classifies “Terms of service” agreements to make them easy to understand. Helps you know what you actually agree to when signing up.

The Unarchiver
The Unarchiver is a free unarchiving application for Mac OS X, which can open most archives formats in use today, and many, many older ones.

Year of Open Source
The open source heroes and heroines swimsuit calendar for 2013

The blog Techdirt, where we discuss all things about innovation, culture and economics, with a focus on embracing what technology allows, rather than fighting it.

The Jinxes
“If you are a fan of The Weepies, then you will surely love The Jinxes. This indie-folk pop duo from California, Kevin Smith and Deanna Ross, knows that song writing is not just all about poetics or heartbreaking lyrics.

Brain Pickings
Curating eclectic interestingness to empower combinatorial creativity

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