We have for a long time been blessed with a vibrant developer community. Until now the offspring of the developers and Flattr has been totally invisible. There have not been any place to find applications built for Flattr. Now there is. Say “Hello” to our new App Gallery!

In the gallery you can find mobile clients, podcatchers, webservices and other nifty stuff using Flattr.  So don’t linger on the blog, it’s time to go hunting for that app you didn’t know you where missing!

For developers
To be listed in the app gallery you just need to update your API-key info. You find all your registered API-keys in your applications tab in settings. Update the description, upload an icon, tick the box to be included in the App Gallery and your all done!

If you want to create an app that uses Flattr you will find everything you need to know over at our developer documentation site. Let the code flow!

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