This is a guest post by podcaster Toby Baier who makes the “Fall asleep Podcast” (Einschlafen Podcast). It tries to be so boring it helps you fall asleep.

On October 18th, the Einschlafen Podcasts has its 2nd birthday. To celebrate this, I don’t want presents myself, but I rather want my listeners to help me flattr things I love. I call this “Flattr bombs”, although bombs and my home country Germany surely have a depressing past. This is not depressing, it’s my way to celebrate the birthday: make other people donate to people I admire. I love this!

To do this, I am releasing 10 episodes in the 10 days before the birthday, and each episode will feature one thing to flattr for my listeners. I pick stuff that I really like, and which is not famous on Flattr yet. The first bomb dropped on Culinaricast, and as I am writing this, the Flattr count has already increased to over 60! This makes me really happy as my listeners are actually helping me. Many have even retweet links to spread the word. I am very grateful for the support my listener give me by flattring the things I like so much!

Why do I do this?
Well, why do I produce my podcast, anyway? It’s my passion, I love to do it, and I love to do it for free. I never intended to make money off it, and the feedback I get for my podcast is worth a whole lot more than money. When people write to me that they have problems falling asleep, and my boring podcast (yes, it is intended to be boring!) helps them to find healthy sleep, then I am really happy.

Still, not everyone is writing an email or a comment, many people prefer a one click feedback, like the Facebook like button. Likes increase visibility, and the more people listen to my podcast, the more feedback I get, the happier I am! But a click on a Facebook like is done quickly, and forgotten quickly. Flattr is something else: while also a one click thing, it’s backed up with a some money. Not huge amounts, but memorable. The receiver is able to get something for the money, and thus think about the nice people flattering him.

So, each day until October 18th, there will be one more bomb to drop. Check the site once in a while, to see what is bombed, help me flattr those links, and celebrate with me!


About the author:
Toby is a podcaster from germany. He does the Einschlafen Podcast for almost 2 years now, and some side projects. He is on Flattr since November 2010 and joined the Flattr Ambassadors in September 2012. He works as a Product Manager for, likes playing bass guitar and is father to two daughters, who also start podcasting now.

Photo by Stefan Groenveld