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We don’t like that the majority of homepages are in English, anyone should be able to use it regardless of English skills. So we offer our site in a several different languages.

The actual translation is done through a community effort and we rely completely on our community for our translations. Want to help us?

How to get involved
We use two tools to make this happen. To ease communication between translators and the Flattr team we have a mailing list on Google groups and for the translations we use a service called Crowdin. To become a part of our great translation community we recommend that you read our translation guidelines and start translating. We hope that we can enable anyone to use Flattr, help us in that effort.

Want us to add another language?
It is very easy for us to add more languages, but there are some things that needs to be in place for us to do so. For Flattr, a pretty new product in a fast moving field, development is constant. New features and improvement are often added several times a week. That also means that new translations of phrases are needed. To add a new language we need to be confident that this can be handled.

In practical terms it demands least a dedicated core translations team that we will continue to keep the translation up to date even after the initial release. If you are that group of people, or want to form one, we would be happy to help you out. Why not use the mailing list to tell us.

Btw, if you wan’t to switch language on Flattr you can easily do that if you take a look in the page footer.

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  1. “9564” seems to be the Flattr ID by default in the comment form, as I have it appearing as well on mine.

    I’m using Chrome, so maybe it’s a bug there?

  2. Hm… so a user might try to enter:

    – the username (iirc that’s never called “ID” anywhere)
    – one of the email addresses (the first item on the account settings page)
    – the numerical ID (if it is called that) of one of their things

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