Ambassadors of Flattr

Flattr is still an young product, a product with a unique and new product offering. After two years we are still changing and evolving continuously. In this process it’s important for us to be as close as possible to our core users. These people are our Flattr Ambassadors. A group of people who helps us get where we need to go.

All light on the ambassadors
The Flattr Ambassadors are a bunch of dedicated Flattr users who love Flattr and we love back. They are our first responders, key feedback group, evangelists and core community. They are flattr receivers, givers, developers, translators, thinkers and an extension of our will to improve the internet.

The functions of the Flattr Ambassadors are wide, but some examples are: Feedback, Ideas, Beta testing, Evangelism, Community support, Translations, Developer feedback, User outreach and Spread of the Flattr ethos. The Flattr Ambassadors have been discussing away on the mailing list for over a year now and it has been time to put some public light onto its existence.

Open call to our lovers
The ambassador list is not a public list, not because it’s elite or secret, but because we want to share some confidential information and that ambassadors always should be able to speak their mind. Hence is there a vetting process to join the list. If you feel this post hits your nerve and want to be an ambassador then drop us an email at jointheambassadors at flattr dot com. Tell us who you are and why you want to join and we will take it from there. Basically anyone we trust can help us spread and create a better Flattr is welcome.

See you as an ambassador!

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  1. Pretty sure the ambassadors don’t want that many mail, but I should maybe ask on the list if someone wants a more moderator roll and then get the notifications. Good idea.

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