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Flattr button with subscribe activeSubscriptions have always been a easy way to give to Flattr users on a monthly basis. Just click subscribe on a thing and each month we will automatically flattr the thing. Subscriptions is popular feature on Flattr because it removes the need to go back and flattr your favourite things every month. Now we have decided to change the subscriptions to make them even easier to use.

There used to be a expiration date on subscriptions, that is now removed. Instead you can stop a subscription whenever you like. Let them go on forever or just a couple of months, you decide.

Subscriptions in DashboardDuring the transition all subscriptions with expiration date will have an expire date as before. We will not alter them. But all new subscriptions you add will be without expiration date. You can easily change, remove or update your subscriptions on your dashboard. There you can also upgrade your current subscriptions and let them run as long as you like.

We have also changed the monthly mail that is sent to remind you if any of your subscriptions have ended. Now we will send you a e-mail every month (if you like) with your current subscriptions so you don’t forget what you are subscribed to. You can easily change your notification settings on your settings page.

The new subscriptions are here NOW, we hope you will enjoy them.

18 thoughts on “Subscriptions made easier

  1. Never ending subscriptions are a good idea, but I already miss the old subscriptions. I used them to give extraordinary articles bigger Flattrs than “standard” articles, by just subscribing for 3 or 12 months.
    Now I have to take notes and stop the subscriptions manually after that time. :-(
    I want an easy way to do big Flattrs! Please :-(
    Why not adding never ending subscriptions as a fourth option next to “3 months”, “6 months” and “12 months”?

  2. > Instead you can stop a subscription whenever you like.

    You could do that in the old model, too, I think. You did not have to let it run the whole, say, six months.

    > I want an easy way to do big Flattrs! Please :-(
    > Why not adding never ending subscriptions as a fourth option next to “3 months”, “6 months” and “12 months”?

    I agree with that. A 3 month “subscription” was an easy way to have a “triple-flattr”. This was a good way to meet the concerns of the folks that wanted to configure how the pie is sliced.

    I hear there is talk to have another approach to that now. Please make sure that it does not get more complicated (since removing complexity was the motivation for dumbing down the subscription feature in the first place).

    Maybe having an optional expiration date is the golden middle ground.

  3. I want to have an easy way to subscribe for e.g. 3 months, just by clicking on a single button. Choosing between 1 month and forever sucks. Having to go to my account page to tweak it sucks too.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but for the people above who want to be able to leave “big flattrs” wouldn’t the donate feature, now built-in to flattr work for that?

  5. I liked the old subscription system better. Please give us back the ability to set an expiration date for subscriptions… :-(

  6. It is good to be able to setup subscriptions without expiration date, but why remove the ability to setup subscriptions *with* an expiration date?

    You give us a useful feature but take away another. I don’t see the improvement here.

  7. Seems like there’s different types of things I’d want to give money to:

    1. There are projects, like software, that it’s better to give long-term subscription-based donations, too. More important or cash-strapped projects need more money, so I should be able to set the percentage or amount somehow. As long as I’m using something regularly, I should donate to it. When the software gets bloated or stupid or I stop using it because I find something better, I should cancel the subscription.

    2. But then there are things like webcomics or blogs that I want to give money to, but only when they produce something notable or good. I don’t want to monetarily encourage them to become repost factories and just regurgitate other peoples content. I want to specifically say “hah that made me laugh, here have a flattr” for a particular post. That’s a different kind of one-time donation, and I think both types should be possible.

  8. > Choosing between 1 month and forever sucks

    yes, it certainly does. Please give us unlimited subs in addition to, not instead of, X-month subs.


  9. nice feature as an option, although the old 3 or 6 month flattr sysyem was good for a half way – why not keep the old way of having options but 3 months or forever? the problem with donations is its only worth it over €5 as flattr takes a €0.50 cut.

  10. I’ve used the new »endless subscription« feature for several months now and I think it was a great decision to change the implementation. There are some flatterable projects which I don’t visit regularly but still I want to be sure that they receive my continuous financial support so the new subscription implementation fits in really nicely!

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