Make money with your App, announcing revenue sharing

Today is a great day, we are ready to go live with our long awaited for Partner Revenue Sharing. Now you can make money by creating great Flattr apps!

We share half of our revenue with you
People have asked us since we started why they only get 90%, even though lately it seams like giving only 70% has become some kind of industry standard we still think our cut is quite high. But, there has always been a reason for this. We want to share!

Why do we do this?
If you have a service that integrates with Flattr, you wont get a dime. Despite all the flattrs that passes through your service, the money is never for you. We think that is wrong. So now you can apply to become a partner and receive money for every flattr you facilitate via your service.

How much do I get?
We think a service that enables flattring is as important as we are, so we think the fair deal is 50/50. We have a 10% fee now and would love to give you half of what we make from that. (Minus any taxes, transaction fees etc, that might be related.)

This is how you do it

  1. Apply for a Partner Account on by signing in with your flattr account. Partner Revenue Sharing is open to any professional service created and run by a business. This means you will have to provide proof that you are a company and for most EU countries a valid VAT-id.
  2. Wait for us to verify your info. We just want to check the above.
  3. Create an Application or Revenue sharing key. To enable the revenue sharing you need to create the application in the partner system or if you use JS buttons add the revenue sharing key to all buttons. (If you already have an application we can move it for you, just ask.)
  4. Promote your service like crazy! The more people you get to use it, the more money you get.
  5. Request a payout. Once you got more then €50 on your partner account you can request a payout in the partner system.

This is a public beta
The partner system and revenue sharing have been in closed beta for a while but this is the first time it sees public light. So bare with us if anything is strange or you don’t know what to do and contact us so we can help you out and improve the system.

Time to get the developer hats on!
For all you developers that right now got the crave to create the ultimate Flattr app you can read up on all developer goodies over at Go kick ass!

For all you that already have an application that you want to add revenue sharing to, apply for a partner account and drop us a message and we will enable it on your existing Application.

11 thoughts on “Make money with your App, announcing revenue sharing

  1. It will be curious to see if Wikipedia and GitHub already have this with the extension or they will implement their own. It would be nice if either could get a bit of money from everyone’s appreciation.

  2. Github has no official integration or partnership with us. If they where to integrate they would of course get revshare on all clicks done on

    Flattrs for wikipedia articles are not a 3rd party click. They already get the 90%. Revshare is not for your own things.

  3. Why only companies? What if some “normal” person without a company creates a great application?

    I don’t know how difficult, expensive and time-consuming it is to create / register an official company. Maybe its easy. But even if so: Why only companies? This appears quite arbitrary to me.

  4. Mainly it’s for tax reasons, the revenue sharing works basically like a affiliate program and like those we use reverse invoicing for the business generated. Rev share is not a donation that is part of the flattr economy it’s a business deal between two companies for that reason. I is the way it has to be done.

    As partnering also gives extra rights with API etc it’s meant for professionally developed and maintained apps an services both we and the user want to be able to trust.

    You are of course welcome to build apps without a partner account as a non-business.

  5. I wonder if there’s an argument to say that some sites contribute more to the content creation process than others, and possibly deserve a bigger cut. The argument becomes important where websites, and the unique services some of them offer, could only plausibly exist thanks to a radical payment model, and one which gives them more than 5% of donations.

    This could eventually become a big deal, especially with less busy yet nevertheless valuable services (e.g. start-up, niche or local sites).

  6. Yepp we have of course thought in these lines too. But for now we are keeping it simple. When and if it’s needed we will return to this as it is a good idea.

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