Flattr any instagram photo (and let grammers flattr you)

If you have had your eyes pealed on @flattr you might have noticed we announced the ability to flattr Instagram photos. But how does it really go down?

Connect to Instagram
First off, you should of course make all your hipster-awesome Instagram photos Flattrabl! To connect any service we support (like Instagram) simply go to the connections tab in your flattr settings. Here you can add and manage connections such as SoundCloud, Github, Twitter, and now Instagram. Adding these means we know you own all content on these accounts and when someone flattrs it, your thing is added to flattr.com and you get the flattr. Boom!

How to flattr the instagrams
We love Instagram and all the awesomeness snapped with it, but on instagram.com you will not find a flattr button (they should add it, right?) so to flattr you instead do one of the following.

  1. Install our browser addon for Firefox or Chrome, and click the small flattr icon in the URL field when ever you find a great instagram!
  2. Use the new services FlattrStar or FancyFav and then just “heart” the photo using Instagrams standard heart button. FlattStar grabs all hearts you do and flattrs them automagically, awesome!

You can flattr any Instagram photo, even for users that have not signed up to Flattr or connected their Instagram to Flattr. These flattrs will be unclaimed flattrs just waiting for the instahipsters to come and sign up and collect them. So don’t forget to remind them to join flattr!

(Btw, if you like this, you will be pleased with what will come.)

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