Auto flattring on Twitter, Readability, Github, Instagram and more!

Lately we have learned that people love automatic flattring based on activites. It has sprung a small world of awesome services that makes your flattring as easy as automatic!

Flattr by just consuming
The beauty of these services are that they will let you flattr just by doing the things you already do. Like hearting a photo on Instagram, favorite a tweet on Twitter, watching a repository on Github. One service even flattrs articles you star in Readability, Google reader and Instapaper if possible. No need for special software, addons or copy/paste, just use your standard client, heart/bookmark/star/favorite and your done!

There are right now three services that we know of, FlattrStar by Markus Heberling, SuperFav by Udo Kramer and FancyFav by David Pfahler. While the functionality they offer is similar, the services they support differs slightly. At the time of writing these are as follows.

FlattrStar  FancyFav SuperFav
Twitter Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Yes Yes Yes
Soundcloud Yes Yes
Github Yes
Vimeo Yes Yes
500px Yes Yes
Google Reader Yes
Instapaper Yes
Readability Yes

This is just the beginning, we will add more connections to flattr making these services able to do even more. Naturally you can support these services through flattr.

Remember that if you flattr someone that has not signed up to flattr these flattrs will be unclaimed flattrs waiting for the users to sign up and collect them. So don’t forget to remind them to join flattr!

20 thoughts on “Auto flattring on Twitter, Readability, Github, Instagram and more!

  1. Sounds like this sort of thing can be used to help counter the bum cup argument. “Don’t worry, think of it as a behind the scenes payment.”

  2. Wow, thanks for featuring my service. I just wanted to add that fancyfav not just supports services, but also different filters for each service. For example, on twitter you can flattr a favorite, a retweet or people you follow. You can also configure each services filters.

    Thank you all for the support. It is great fun to help raising Flattr usage.

  3. We hear the bumcup argument again and again and yes, this is a way of countering that. The connections we add are part of a more grand plan that will be outlined more soon.

    David, yes your options are super great, but I also wanted to keep the post short and to the point. To much tech and lots of people gets lost.

  4. Cool stuff. I’ve been hoping someone would do this sort of thing with Reddit, although I don’t know how you’d get the Flattrs to the article’s writer, rather than the article’s submitter.

  5. As Reddit have no clue who wrote the article (just like we would) it’s rather impossible. Flattring the comments might be possible though, and often those are the real value of Reddit.

  6. i love these services, thank you all!

    as the next step, i’d like to see a summary for the unclaimed charts for e.g. the instagrammers. like “look, @spreeblick, @regendelfin, @luzilla, … all those photos of yours have been flattrd. claim this sum of flattrs.”

  7. Quick question: Are you sharing the 10% Flattr tax with these services like you did with Instacast? I hope that this can help cover their running costs.

  8. Would be cool to have this as a local app, that you could run once in a while (at least at the end of the month). No need really to authorize a third party to connect to Flattr and all these other services on your behalf. Also removes the potential bottleneck and cost explosion on their end. Are any of them open source?

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