How i made €5 for free (and flattred it all away)

It’s a well-known secret that it’s possible to make money (more precisely “get some money back”) when shopping with Amazon and other big online retailers. However, it’s cumbersome to set up so most online shoppers never set it up themselves.

Our partners aFlattr and Socialvest take the hassle out of this and help you make some extra cash that ends up on your Flattr account.

€5 that I made last month

Last month I connected my Flattr account with a Socialvest account, installed their browser plugin and did my shopping online as usual. At the end of the month they sent me extra €5 that I earned back from online retailers.

This €5 increased my monthly Flattr budget by 25% and made me very happy as I had more to give for the great people who’s music, writings, software, entertaining tweets etc I had enjoyed.

The alternative – aFlattr

aFlattr announced couple of weeks ago that their March payout was €403.43 which went to 75 users. Not a huge amount yet but that’s over 400 euros that goes to support online creators.

aFlattr works in a similar manner to Socialvest – you connect your Flattr account with their account and as you go shop in the stores they have deals with some of the money is transferred back to you.

What are the differences between aFlattr and Sovialvest?

aFlattr Socialvest
% from purchase 5-10% 1-50%
Which stores? Amazon, Endless, Javari, Smallparts – full list Over 600 biggest mainly US online stores – full list
How long does it take? 2-3 months 1-2 months
Strength Better Amazon % Hundreds more shops, especially in the US

Important to note that aFlattr offers better % when you mainly shop in Amazon but Socialvest has way more partnerships with US based shops so if you’re doing bulk of your shopping in the US then they might be a better option.

More info in aFlattr FAQ and in an earlier blogpost about how Socialvest works.

How is this all possible?

Most big online shops have an affiliate program (most famous among them is Amazon, of course) and when you’re a registered partner sending them buyers via links on your website, for example, then they pay you a small % of the purchase value.

aFlattr and Socialvest operate as the affiliate partners, they keep a small fraction of the % that is paid back and forward the rest to you.

Wikipedia has a longer article on affiliate marketing.

If you shop online then join one of the programs and get more money on your Flattr account!

6 thoughts on “How i made €5 for free (and flattred it all away)

  1. > If you shop online then join one of the programs and get more money on your Flattr account!

    Absolutely! But note that you don’t even have to do all that shopping yourself, and the shopper does not even have to have a Flattr account:

    aFlattr uses “regular” Amazon affiliate tags. You can just append them to all your Amazon links on your blog or tweets (exactly like many people already do that have affiliate accounts), and then anyone that buys through that link (does not even have to be the linked item, can be anything else they happen to find later on) contributes to your Flattr account. No browser plugin required. No Flattr account (for the shopper) required.

  2. I would eventually do that, just to have more money to flattr people with. But i almost only shop on Ebay and on a german Site called

    Too bad. I hope one of these here get Ebay as a partner, then i might join. Or is there a possibility to do that with Ebay? That would be OHHHSOM! :)

    (Could someone please delete my two previous posts here? My browser seems to include a wrong Flattr ID… My comments are linked to another user!?)

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