Today I got a question from a new user Jane asking if it’s possible to put Flattr buttons on her LiveJournal blog. Yes, absolutely! Here’s how…

Since it’s not possible to edit the underlying HTML of your LiveJournal blog you can’t use our dynamic Flattr buttons that show the flattr count. The only option is the static “Flattr this!” button.

1. Go to “Get Flattr Button” page »

2. Choose “Submit new Thing” (the manual adding option)

3. Fill out the fields with your LiveJournal address and description etc and save.

4. Look for the “Static button” code on the following page.

5. Copy and paste it into your LiveJournal entry. Done!

The result will look like something like this:

Simple as that. Know any good pages on LiveJournal using Flattr?

3 thoughts on “Flattr buttons on a LiveJournal blog – yes, you can

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