Donations, the smaller brother of the Flattr system, just got some small but important updates. We added donations over a year ago and quite a few organizations and causes have used it successfully to allow their supporters to give a larger sum of money every month.

The current system was a quick hack and and suffered from several drawbacks that made it hard to understand for the uninitiated, it’s always had a fairly low limit of €50 per month etc. So we did a few small but important changes:

* Maximum donation size = €150

* Some funds no longer reserved for flattrs – Often users just want to use the donation feature and donate their whole budget right away. It’s now possible, no more of that “€5 is locked for this months flattrs” stuff. That should bring the number of support tickets down, yay! :)

* Donations are immediate to sender – pending donations, possibility to cancel them was confusing a lot of supporters, they weren’t sure if it worked, when will donation be final etc. Now it’s simple – you make a donation and that’s it, funds move to whoever you supported.

That’s it. Let us know how to make donations system even better, we feel there’s a lot of potential in making bigger donations easier and more social to use.

2 thoughts on “Donations made simpler, higher monthly max

  1. One big remaining problem is that you can currently only Donate to
    People, not to Things:

    This makes it practically useless for something like, which is
    one big proxy account for completely unrelated charities. You probably want to donate to one of the charities more often than to, but they have no way now to piece things apart.

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