The world’s 2nd largest video hosting site Dailymotion announced that it has integrated Flattr and is making fan support available for all participants of its MotionMakers program.

To say that we’re excited about the partnership is an understatement. With over 100 million unique visitors clocking up 1.5 billion video views every month, and 20,000+ new videos uploaded every day we couldn’t have hope for a better partner to introduce Flattr to the masses.

If you’re a film maker then all you need is a Dailymotion MotionMaker account and a Flattr account. Connecting the two will display Flattr buttons next to your videos and when people click the button they make a small micropayment that goes to you. For those not familiar how Flattr works we’ve made a short video that explains all.

There are already many successful video projects and film makers who’ve used Flattr as an additional revenue source to fund their next projects. The deal with Dailymotion makes it much easier. Eating our own dog food I created a short tutorial how to get going on Dailymotion platform.

If you’re a MotionMaker on Dailymotion then drop us your URL, we’re happy to promote you in our blog and other channels.

For everyone else: sign up with Flattr »

* Signing up is free – no set up or subscription fees
* PayPal and Moneybookers – this is how you add funds to your Flattr account to click the buttons and support film makers (and other authors online who are using Flattr buttons on their sites, blogs, podcasts etc)
* Works everywhere – Flattr started in Sweden but it works everywhere around the world.

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17 thoughts on “Dailymotion opens up fan funding for film makers

  1. Congrats! Would be very interested to learn in a few months how this affected the size of your user base.

  2. OK, I’m pondering about switching from YouTube to Daily Motion for my videos but I can’t find enough info on these topics:
    – how to play DM videos without flash
    – what is this MotionMaker thing? will uploading a e.g. gaming video make me a MotionMaker? (in order to have Flattr buttons)

  3. Cyber Killer, I’ll check DM about non flash.

    MotionMaker program info

    Basically it’s their “prosumer” account (free) and they check that the content is authentic ie no copyrighted stuff. Takes a few hours per video to approve, until it’s approved no Flattr button is displayed.

  4. @Cyber Killer: I believe Dailymotion was actually one of the first bigger players to support HTML5 video: And their demo page at at least works for me in Safari and Chrome (for some reason not in Firefox 12 though). Haven’t found any real HTML5 video on Dailymotion though that works in Firefox or Chrome, but many seems to be working in Safari if you enable their HTML5 feature:

  5. @Teller: thx.

    As for the MotionMakers – it says everywhere about ‘creative content’ like series, own movies, etc. But it’s not clearly defined what is ‘creative’ – is a gaming video (not machinima) creative? Does it need additional audio commentary to be deemed creative?

    It would be a lot easier if DM would just give the Flattr buttons for all videos when the uploader wants.

  6. Cyber Killer: Creative = original in this case. So yes, gaming videos are cool. For effect add some creative commons soundtrack :)

    We’ll get to “buttons for all videos” soon enough, I’m sure.

  7. @Pelle: thx for the link to the player selection page. After I enabled it… I still get messages about needing flash (I use Opera) – they probably use the nasty h264 codec on their site :-(. (the html5 demo doesn’t work also)

    I think I’ll give it a rest.

  8. Wait, if Dailymotion requires Flash, then how come I can watch Dailymotion vids on my iPad? isn’t it HTML5?

  9. Great news! But try to cooperate with youtube, to get a Flattrbutton there. There are more Videos with a higher reach. But I think Google don’t want it because they want to sell der own ad-program.

  10. awesome. today i flatterd 2 things first i flatterd the flattr video on dalymation … woow Inception right :0. then i flatterd this video called world war it was pretty cool ;)

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