Waiting for a delayed flight in the airport has its upsides, there’s time to catch up on reading and get some blogging done.

How to fund your projects online without annoying everyone” on CNN is an excellent reminder that the most important thing about raising funds for creative work is not the technology or the website you use it, it’s about finding your fans, getting them behind your idea and taking them on a ride. The tools can only help.

Amanda Palmer

Before you take to Kickstarter or one of its brethren, start getting your work out there in other ways. If you’re raising money for your novel (Griffons are totally going to be the next vampires, you can feel it!), start a blog with samples of your writing and begin networking online with other writers.

If you’re a band and you need cash for your Midwestern tour (Hello, cornfields!), play a couple of warehouse shows and drop a few singles.

It’s nice of the authors to name-drop Flattr next to the likes of Kickstarter, IndieGoGo and PledgeMusic. We’re definitely a different approach for crowdfunding with our micropayments and paying for content that already exists but from what we’re seeing how people use Flattr there’s definitely place for it.

The authors of the story, Andrea Bartz and Brenna Ehrlich, interviewed Ben Folds Five and Amanda Palmer (her Flattr account) a little while ago about their fundraising, plenty good tips from those too. Good weekend reading.

Photo of Amanda by Burns!

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