Last week was “web week” in Berlin, a town close to our hearts, and Flattr was of course represented by the beautiful and talanted developers Per Thulin and Simon Gate.

Short story: we had a blast and the Berlin tech scene is by far the most vibrant and creative in Europe. I can not tell how many times we got asked when Flattr was going to move there, to which I could only answer that Malmö is awesome in it’s own way.

Even though my head is still spinning around from all the crazyness, I will try to recap what we did. In short we presented our API at the Berlin Tech Meetup, handed out t-shirts at the re:publica conference, hung out with our friends at Readmill and SoundCloud, attended a Ruby user group, hacked away at the 5apps hackaton and visited c-base (an alien excavation site/hacker night club).

Our API attracted a lot of interest and people now see Flattr as a platform on which they can build on. We also had an interview with Berlinow which is going to be interesting to read once it’s out.

Questions we got a lot:

Q: Can I integrate Flattr in my app/web site some way?
A: Yes! This is what our API is for.

Q: Does Apple allow Flattr inside iOS apps?
A: We have not had any discussions with Apple regarding this topic, but we advice that you are careful with how you present Flattr inside your app.

Q: When are you moving to Berlin?
A: We do not have any such plans at the moment, but you are welcome to drop by our office in Malmö for a cup of coffee!

Q: How is the situation at Flattr now with Peter Sunde facing a prison sentance?
A: It’s not affecting us much since Peter is not involved in our daily operations, but has more of a visionary role.

Q: How much money can I earn with Flattr?
A: Some people make their living from Flattr, and others just use us as a tipping jar. German podcaster Tim Pritlove revealed that he earns about €2500 each month from using Flattr.

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