You told us: Which mobile apps need Flattr integration

3 days ago we revealed in our Twitter stream (you should follow us!) that 10% of all website visits are made from mobile devices and asked for your recommendations which mobile apps desperately need Flattr integration. Here’s what you told us.

Which mobile apps need Flattr integration?

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10% of our website visits come from mobile devices. What mobile apps should Flattr definitely work with? Most successful so far –
@Flattr @ReadItLaterKasper Villum Jensen
@Flattr How about @doggcatcher on Android?Sebastian Jackel
@Flattr @Instapaper would be great. What a great app, what a great service.Jan
@Flattr What about #Reeder ? That app definitely should integrate Flattr!Martin Fischer
@Flattr Reeder! Also Zite, Flipboard, XenimLukas Zeller
@Flattr Instapaper and Tweetbot :)Uwe Schwarz
@Flattr Tweetbot, iCab, downcastGörge Albrecht
@Flattr What about @tweetbot ?Christian

I’ll reach out to the makers of all those apps, let’s see if we can convince them to join the good cause. Thanks for all the feedback and if you have any further recommendations then comments box below is waiting for those.

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  1. I just recently suggested flattr-integration to the developer of Mr. Reader for iPad, and I think even though he didn’t like the idea of OAuth, he got in touch with you flattr guys ^_^

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