Making money by shopping is the equivalent to alchemy’s turn-lead-into-gold quest but our new partner Socialvest makes it reality. Shop in one of the hundreds of online stores, earn back anything from 1-50% on all of your purchases and use it to flattr your favorite causes.

We believe that everyone wants to make a difference, but the time, money and know how aren’t always there. That’s why we’ve built a system that allows you to give back through something you already do everyday: shop.

Getting set up is simple:

* Use our special 1-click signup link to connect your accounts
* Install Socialvest browser plugin
* Shop at any of the partner stores

As you shop merchants credit some of your money back to Socialvest, and they transfer it to your Flattr account. There are no fees to join, Socialvest does not ask for your credit card details, and their browser plugin does not track your surfing habits.

Socialvest isn’t the first of our partners to offer such a deal, that honor goes to aFlattr, but with its large US presence and a list of over 600 shops (from giants like Amazon to Adidas to RadioShack to Threadless to iTunes Store and Banana Republic) it takes shopping to fund good causes to a whole new level.

The whole idea of Socialvest is that you put this extra money to good use – give it to your favorite charities. Flattr makes that part easy too, just browse our list of charities and donate with a simple click. However, you can use these extra funds to flattr anything, it’s up to you.

What about European shops?

Amazon UK and Amazon DE are already part of the program, you’ll make 4% if you shop there with Socialvest browser bar. They are also considering other bigger European e-commerce sites.

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13 thoughts on “Fund your account with smarter shopping via Socialvest

  1.,, itunes, steam probably covers 99% of all my online purchases.

  2. Does this really work? I mean I did sign up through the link above, I registered and installed the extension but… there seems to be no connection between Socialvest and Flattr for me…

  3. aFlattr takes 10% of what’s deposited into your Flattr account as overhead. What percentage/fees does SocialVest take?

  4. Diego, got you now – it works but the process for now is manual. In fact, we got the first report from Socialvest just last week. I saw you were among them but with 0 balance.

    Did you purchase something you thought was via Socialvest? Which shop? Was the Socialvest bar present in the browser window?

  5. I ordered last week from Newegg and Amazon (not all my Amazon orders go through the browser, though), so it might be that it’s just I ordered _after_ the reports you received.

    Still, I’m curious what you mean with “manually” though.

  6. By manual I mean Socialvest passing us the information about users who connected the accounts and how much they earned. Makes sense to keep it that way for a few month to figure out what’s the best way to automate processes.

  7. Ah I see. Now it makes a bit more sense :) The fact that SocialVest’s website never talks about Flattr was a bit… confusing.

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