Wouldn’t it be amazing if Husky, Day9 and all the other star players got rid of the annoying ads one their pages and had Flattr instead?

Flattr, the one-click social microdonation system, will for the first time in the world be used to enable fans to support eSports stars competing in the DreamHack Eizo Open in Stockholm this weekend. Some of the world’s best StarCraft II players will go head to head while millions watch around the world.

Together with DreamHack we’ve made it possible to flattr all the players (and casters) at the Eizo Open. But we want it to go further than just this one event. I believe that Flattr can shake up eSports world just as it did with the podcasting scene. Tag along!

Using Flattr for eSports

First, no donation system is magical, you need to give your fans a reason to support you and make it easy for them. Let them know what you’re raising money for – new hardware, to be able to stream more often or to travel to a competition you’ve always dreamed of.

Flattr is just one click so it’s super simple to support and get support from many people:

* Get your friends to join
* Make it possible to flattr your stream, forum profiles, videos, your website etc.
* Get your idols to join to pass on some love

Remember – the more of us are on board the better it works – the sum is larger than the parts alone.

Here’s how to make the most of Flattr:

On your own webpage:

We have tons of plugins for different platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Drupal etc. That’s the simplest way to put Flattr buttons on your website or blog. You can create buttons manually too and then embed it pretty much anywhere. Oh, and there’s a nice widget that you can see on the sidebar of our blog.

Using one of the big eSports services:

Add your “Thing” (URL for your stream, VOD etc) on flattr.com/submit via “Create a button manually” (you create as many as you want.) Everything will be added to your Flattr profile and into our catalog too.

* Link to the Thing you created: http://flattr.com/thing/XXXX
* Link to your Flattr profile: http://flattr.com/profile/yourusername

On Twitch.tv

* Talk about Flattr and why fans should support you in your streams.
* Link to your profile from live chat.
* Link to your Flattr profile on your channels “Long bio” like I did in mine.

On Own3d.tv

* Talk about Flattr and why fans should support you in your streams.
* Link to your profile from live chat.
* Link to your profile from your Channel description.

On YouTube

* Use the last minutes of the video to talk about Flattr and why fans should support you.
* Link to your profile from the video description.
* Link to your profile from your channel.

On Team Liquid site

Use BB code to add a static Flattr button to your posts.


(Replace XXX with your Flattr username.)

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  1. I’m afraid the part about adding it to your signature on TeamLiquid could be unallowed since TL has an annoying policy of not allowing anything that is considered advertising by them and not even asking for donations without permission. Do correct me if I’m wrong and a signature does not count.

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