Filter out the good stuff – new follow feature

Following someone on Flattr to easily see the stuff they like has been one of the most requested features from our users. Now you can do just that. Instead of writing about the feature Pelle recorded a quick screencast (below).

Keep in mind it’s sort of beta feature, not entirely polished, missing a few features etc. We wanted to get it out there to start getting your feedback.


* Follow anyone to track what they flattr, who they follow (unless they keep their stuff private)

* Your Facebook and Twitter contacts are automatically followed – you must have connected with Facebook and Twitter before.

* Hide certain people, or hide only their follow actions, for example.

* Review the people you’re following – add and remove

* Quick overview of your Facebook/Twitter friends who have joined Flattr.

Note that unclaimed stuff does not show up in the Social feed yet. So if you’re flattring a lot of good tracks on Soundcloud (get our browser plugin for that) and their owners have not yet joined Flattr then that’s hidden just now. But it’s in near future todo list.

6 thoughts on “Filter out the good stuff – new follow feature

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for creating flattr! I really enjoy the system of micropayments.

    A feature I would really appreciate, is the possiblility to connect with Google+ and So I am hoping this ends up (or already is) on your todo list :-)


  2. @Johan: We are working connection – a first version is up and running, but seems to be having some issues with it. We are working with them to find out what those issues might be so that we can resolve them.

  3. I am by no means a native English speaker, but doesn’t filtering out the good stuff means that only the bad remains ? ;-)

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