This weekend 2300 fans of StarCraft attending DreamHack EIZO Open in Stockholm will decide the fate of €1000 fan award and another €2000 with flattr clicks voting for their favorite player.

Photo: Denis Dervisevic

Factsheet of the DreamHack Stockholm event:

Tournament: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
Venue: Ericsson Globe Annexet
Date: 21-22 April
Opens: 10.00 CET, 21st of April
Ends: 24.00 CET, 22st of April
EsportBar: Oh yes
After-Party: You bet!
No. of seats: 2,300

So it’s StarCraft stars, lots of fans and pile of cash prizes. Sounds like a riot of an event. Flattr will hand out special vouchers at the venue to make signing up and voting for your favorite player super simple. Bonus points for voting as using the voucher code fans will distribute additional €2000 to the players.

Help us grow the fan award even bigger, donate to DreamHacks account here.

Have a friend playing in the competition?

1. Tell all your other friends who are going.
2. Make sure they get a Flattr voucher at the event.
3. Get said friends to sign up and vote.
4. WIN!

I’m not going, can I still vote and help someone win?

Yes, we’ll be publishing the page where you can vote in our blog, Twitter, Facebook etc so you can go and vote with a Flattr click no matter where you are.

What’s this DreamHack thing?

DreamHack is no ordinary event. It started back in 1994 when 40 friends gathered to hack and play and have fun. Today it holds the the world record for the world’s largest LAN party and computer festival. The major events take place twice a year, spanning 4 days, last time over 20 thousand visitors showed up and over 1.6 million followed the matches online.

More about the event at

Dreamhack arena at the Stockholm event. Click image to see the large version.

4 thoughts on “Fans decide the fate of €3000… with their flattrs

  1. A late comment:
    These vouchers should become a part of Flattr’s default portfolio. Not only as gift voucher codes worth 1 Flattr that can be generated by any user, but also as special arrangement for events like the one mentioned here.
    What you need is:
    1. The organizer gives out vouchers that charge the recipients’ accounts with some funds to flattr. (Expenses can be covered for example from entrance fee and each ticket has a voucher code.)
    2. Flattrs from these particular vouchers can only be used within that particular event. This, of course, creates a very closed group but it makes this arrangement useful for events where the audience gives out votes for awards.
    The benefit for Flattr would be the increased number of users, plus PR. Organizers wouldn’t have to wrack their brains about the amount of prizes, they simple let the audience decide by Flattrs.

  2. I absolutely agree with at Chris and I’m also eagerly awaiting the ability to send people a flattr or two perhaps via email notification.


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