DreamHack was amazing! The event was well organized, the player lineup was fantastic, and of course we were proud to be part of organizing the Fan Award.

The Fan Award went to Marcus “ThorZaIN” Eklöf who clearly was the crowd favorite. He also won the entire competition in a tough final against Polt from South Korea. I had seen ThorZaIN play before but this time he really blew my mind with how good he was. This guy will get far, and it’s so cool that he’s Swedish as well!

Most flattrs went to Swedish players which may indicate that we have trouble reaching out to e.g. South Korea where most top players come from. Maybe we should translate Flattr into Korean? In fact, I just added it to Crowdin. Help us translate to Korean here!

All in all we had a blast and the DreamHack guys are so fun to work with. We’re already discussing of doing this for further events, so please tell us in the comments if you think this a good idea or if you have any suggestions for how we could improve the concept.

Me and others at the office also have backgrounds within eSports and, as many tech companies out there, are playing and watching a lot of StarCraft. So we are super excited to continue working more with StarCraft casters, interviewers, barcraft organizers and map makers, moving eSport forward!

3 thoughts on “DreamHack – Recap

  1. I was wondering about the Flattr “things” created for the Starcraft 2 players at Dreamhack. They are still in the Flattr system, but can they be used to donate to the players now that the event has passed or are they abandoned now?

  2. @slux The rest of the team should correct me if I’m wrong, but at least the ones at https://flattr.com/dh that has been connected to a real Flattr account can used still as they are now owned by the real players and thus all money goes straight to them. You can also check any new things those players might have gotten if you want to flattr other aspects of them :)

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