Last week we had some discussion around a new experimental feature in the Flattr button. Namely a new popout to help users better understand what Flattr is. It looks like this:

Explanation "popout" you get when hovering the button

The feedback was positive, so we’re making it the default button style starting… now!

What does this mean for site owners?

The new popout should “just work”. If you discover a bug, please contact our support.

Our tests show much better response to the richer experience of the improved button. Those new to Flattr get a little bit more context up front, those who already know Flattr get a stronger sense of community.

How can I test that it works?

There’s a Flattr button below here on this post, you can hover your mouse over that. If you have a button on your own website then do the same there. The popover should appear when you hover your mouse over it.

How do I disable the new popout?

To disable the popout, you can either add “popout=0” to the params where you load the flattr script:

or you can add “popout:0″ to the button specific parameters. Example:

<a rel=”flattr;category:text;popout:0″ href=””></a>

If you are running the WordPress plugin then the newest version (v1.1.1) provides an option to toggle it under your plugin settings (it’s turned on by default).

6 thoughts on “Richer button enabled for all

  1. Good work! Looks great on my desktop OS, need to reposition the button a little but that’ll be worth the trouble I guess :)

    Just wondering, will this work on any mobile OS (iOS, Android, etc.) as well?

  2. Denis – currently there’s no plans to do it.

    Quick note – we just fixed a silly encoding bug that was messing up special characters in the popout window.

  3. The hover popup seems smart in terms of attracting new users but as a long time flattr user and advocate of minimal solutions what I would really love to have is an option in my profile settings to override the website owners setting displaying all flattr buttons without popups whatsoever (no hover popup and no popup after the click).

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