Buying music directly from the artist has long been a dream of many music lovers. Our new partner Gogoyoko actually makes this simple without any of the bullshit of many other major online music stores where artists get only thin slice of what fans paid. They turned the “awesome” knob up to 11 by adding Flattr today!

Gogoyoko, that brands itself as a social music service, importantly gets a few key things right:

1. You can listen to music before paying for it. Like a song enough? Move to #2. Even then musicians make a little money (funded by ads).

2. You can flattr the artist who’s music you’ve enjoyed. Obviously you decide how much that payment is worth.

3. Buy the songs you really-really like, put it on your mp3-player and listen to it 24/7. Play it everywhere, it’s DRM-free.

Add clever recommendations and ratings and nifty little social features on top of that and it’s pretty much the ideal way to discover, listen to, and get music + pay directly to the bands, artists and DJs you like.

As of today most artists on Gogoyoko are flattrable – just hit the Flattr icon in their profile. It creates an unclaimed thing for the band and once they sign up with Flattr and claim their account they get the money. Gogoyoko emails them to let them know about the flattr. If they don’t do that then the money never leaves your account.

Here are a few recommendations where to start from: The Knife “Deep Cuts“, “Fever Ray” by Fever Ray, Gusgus and their “Arabian Horse” and of course being Estonian I can’t not promote wonderful Ewert and The Two Dragons and their “Good Man Down“.

17 thoughts on “Gogoyoko just became the perfect online music store

  1. Far from perfect IMO – only mp3 files (I refuse to pay money for something of as low quality as mp3) – at least they’d need Vorbis to aspire to be perfect, and FLAC would be best – and they have quite a limited selection of music genres (where is industrial?).

    Nice to see them use Flattr, but overall – thumbs down from me.

  2. +1 for Cyber Killer. Besides it, I believe that a music store can’t really be huge success without the big artists (who are not independent artists) such as U2, Madonna etc.

  3. Awesome that we’ve got the connection with Flattr. @Cyber Killer… thanks for the feedback. FLAC is on its way, the distributors are now starting to deliver in FLAC and we’ll be putting the content live very soon. Also, we have over a thousand genres on the albums, industrial included. We’ll be launching a deeper genre browser very soon as well.

  4. @Alison – be sure to announce that far and wide and I’ll take a look again. If I like what I’ll see, I’ll be sure to bring some friends along ;-).

    There is a great need for music stores selling lossless music. So far the only options out there are Bandcamp, Trent Reznor’s Null Co and Magantune (with their subscription service). There are many independent music fans waiting to buy lossless quality music files (but DRM free and at a low price).

  5. The idea for this spawned when me and Berglind met back in the fall of 2010.

    It’s great to see it has become reality now! :)

  6. Soo, basically we copy the website of Bandcamp (which I find more attractive and readable) put in a lot of “Loading..” Messages destroying the “flow” of the website and force people to sign up so that they can continue listening to free music after a couple of songs (or just delete the cookie) including breaking Artists in two separate camps (Bandcamp or gogoyoko, both is rather unlikely)? Nah, flattr should try to work with Bandcamp instead.Even though that the catalog for gy (the name is too long and stupid btw, srsly Yoko in the name? No Fan of the Beatles but everybody whines about Yoko killing the Beatles.) is more versatile on the first sight… Sorry for ranting, but that are the obvious thinks and thoughts here.

  7. While there are some positive aspects, it’s far from being perfect. Besides using a lossy non-free format format only, I can’t see a license of the songs specified anywhere, so I suspect that it’s not allowed to share the music. And I can’t see any reason for paying someone while he/she forbids me to share.

  8. Where are the flattr-buttons? I can’t find it, as illustrated in the screenshot. Do you have to sign up to see them?

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