Favs is a beautiful tool for Mac to track all those likes, stars, bookmars, and other favorites you create in different social networks. Now you can use it to track flattrs too.

Tracking your own flattrs is perhaps not so interesting. Tracking those of others, however, is the most interesting part of Favs for me. I can follow those active Flattr members who I know consistently find and support interesting content – stuff that is of interest to me. Favs puts it all in a nice package and makes it easy.

The screenshots shows that I’m tracking my own flattrs and those of Linus. I can filter it to only show Linus’ flattrs or add more people who I think find and flattr interesting content and just track that stream.

The author of Favs, Dirk Holtwick, has beaten us in our own game and hats off to him for this :)

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