Facebook timeline – make yours better

Recently Facebook opened up their timeline for activities beyond the classic “Like”. You can go all “Beam me up, Scotty” now – when you hit a Flattr button we’ll automagically post it on your Facebook page. We almost called the Flattr box “Stuff good enough to get my wallet out” box :)

The screenshot here shows what it will look like and the aim is simple – make it nice and easy to share the stuff you think is so good that it deserves more attention and the support of your friends too.

How to turn it on?

1. Visit your connection settings page.
2. Add a new connection with Facebook.
3. Click on the “Timeline settings”.
4. Tick the box (if it isn’t already).
5. Save.

Done, now go flattr something good!

Are your flattrs private?

If yes then these will not show up on your Facebook, obviously. If they are private by accident (our default was “private” for a long time), then you can change it privacy settings.

Have already connected Flattr to your Facebook?

If you’ve connected your Flattr account with Facebook earlier then you probably still need to take the steps above as we need some extra permissions from you to be able to post stuff to your timeline. You’ll see a “Reconnect” button in the dialog and will prompted for the permissions. Couple of clicks and you’re done.

What will you flattr today?

Here’s an idea – a perfect mix by DJ^3 – Drizzle our team has been enjoying recently.

17 thoughts on “Facebook timeline – make yours better

  1. Perfect idea, but…
    > (Inactive, please add again)
    in connection, even after operations from “Have already connected Flattr to your Facebook?” performed

  2. A perfect mix!? I am so honored that your team thinks so. Thanks for the support and for making Flattr. Such a wonderful concept!


    Tonebreaker // DJ^3

  3. I just have to say, belatedly, that I love this development. I’ve said before that I like the social aspect of Flattr the most and that things–such as the new catalogue–that make Flattr look friendly and approachable, like the social sites we are used to, are beneficial.

    I just turned on my Flattr+Facebook connection, and I really love how it brings something that usually only circulates among my relatively small group of fellow flattr-ers to the much large circle of Facebook friends.

    Very cool. :D

  4. Hmm… same problem as Lazy Badger here… Did you figure out the issue, and if so, could you share the solution here? Or should I also contact you directly?

  5. If you reconnect the very same account that’s currently inactive to us and give us the permissions that we’re asking for and need to communicate correctly with Facebook then the connection should stop being inactive for the time being, but can become inactive later again if you eg. don’t interact with it for a few months or you change your Facebook password or you on Facebook actively revoke the permissions we expect to have.

    Doesn’t that work for you?

  6. communicate correctly with Facebook then the connection should stop being inactive for the time being, but can become inactive later again if you eg. don’t interact with it for a few months

  7. To make things more reproducible, I deleted the FB connection from Flattr, and removed the Flattr app from my Facebook profile.
    Then I sucessfully added the FB connection back to my Flattr profile, granting the app all the permissions it asks for. Everything looks good so far.

    When I then click on “Timeline settings”, it says “We’re missing the right permissions to share your activities on Facebook – please reconnect.”. Back on the settings/connections page, the “(Inactive, please add again)” notice has appeared, and on the dashboard it says “Your Facebook connection is about to expire.”.

    I can get rid of the “inactive” warning by clicking the “Update Facebook connection” button, but everytime I click on “Timeline settings” it just comes back again.

  8. Weird, has anyone successfully connected their accounts to Facebook?

    One theory would be that you haven’t activated the new timeline for your profiles and thus you’re not allowed to gives us permissions to post to it and thus whenever we check if we have access to post for it we will be denied and we will think that the connection has been revoked and then deactivate the connection. Do you have timeline profiles?

  9. I have disconnected my Facebook account and connected again.
    I can sure that I did allow the Flattr app on Facebook correctly.
    The checkbox (Post public activities to Facebook Timeline) after reconnecting the Facebook for timeline settings, is CHECKED.
    But still, it is notifying as “Inactive, please add again”.

  10. Hey guys, Now its not showing that message (“Inactive, please add again”) any more.

    I just logged out my Flattr account and (re)logged in with Facebook (“Sign in with Facebook” button).

    And it worked. :) :)

  11. Ok, I have no clue why it doesn’t work for some of you – we will obviously have to do some debugging of this.

    It would be great if the ones of you that can’t connect could send us a support message so that we can ask you questions while debugging this. Support form is here: https://flattr.com/support/contact

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