While I was enjoying a muddy and slippery vacation in Tallinn, Estonia, rest of the team sneakily launched something that hints at things to come from Flattr – a new explore feature. Doesn’t look like much, simply another way of looking at what was flattred recently, right?

Not so. While the explore page itself simply shows the most recent things that have been flattred it’s also the very first step in making Flattr better helping you find great content that is relevant to you.

Secondly, it’s a step closer to more user friendly and clever content curation. When you flattr something you’re effectively saying “this is a darn good piece of work by someone”. Getting your wallet out to “vote” for something means that this vote carries a lot of real value.

Taking those signals of “value” and presenting it as an intelligent stream so that others can “consume” it is something we’re solving right now. Imagine finding someone on Flattr who has a great stream of music that s/he has flattred – you want to follow them to discover new music that way. Another person has impeccable taste in photography sites, follow them as well. Someone else digs out obscure blog posts about permaculture that you’ve just become interested in.

Follow these three people and you get a stream of content that vibes with your own interests. It’s not a boring old generic list of popular stuff that probably doesn’t reflect your tastes at all, it’s the feed for you.

Yes, we’re inspired by Tumblr blogs, Rdio music stream, Flickr curated collections, Pinterest and many others who have constantly improved how to filter out the noise while surfacing content that is just right for you.

For now keep your eyes on the explore page, it’s changing by the minute and surfacing those flattrable gold nuggets that might not make it into the popular lists but are fascinating nevertheless.

7 thoughts on “A taste of things to come – from exploring to curation

  1. I’m still not very lucky with the “Charities” category. Am I doing anything wrong? Always seeing “Nothing found with the current filter”.

  2. Not to sound like ass, but man that looks a lot like Pinterest. It’s good to have inspiration, but you might get some negative backlash there.

  3. Chris, do you have some language selector on? Could be that all charities are marked outside your language selection, hence 0 results.

    m: It’s the first version of things, for sure, and we’re very interested in ideas, critique etc. Fire away.

  4. Language filters are off. I tried on Firefox and Safari. Other categories work. It means only I have that problem? Very strange…

  5. I don’t know where else to ask this:

    I have deposted money into my flattr account and want to try to make payments but have no idea how to.

    I have installed the flattr add-on onto Mozillla Firefox, but I have no idea how to use it.

    How do I query if a site is flattr enabled?

  6. Hi Malthusista,

    A few different ways here:

    * If the site has a Flattr button on it, then click the button and you’re done.
    * Firefox add-on will display Flattr logo every time you’re on a webpage that can be flattred and it works even if there are no buttons on the site – like Wikipedia, Soundcloud, Twitter, Github.
    * You can find stuff in our catalog https://flattr.com/catalog

  7. Using the word donate might be a plebrom for users in many countries. For example here in Finland receiving donations is very much regulated and one can get in all sorts of trouble for soliciting donations without permission (which is only given to non-profits). Flattr is already in a very grey area, spelling it out might push it over the edge :/

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