Took us a while to catch on but you can now listen to flattrable Soundcloud tunes right inside our catalog (and flattr the ones you like).

The screenshot shows Dope Star Inc.’s “We are the new ones” page (song embedded below). Expect to see more and more embeddable content (videos, Github bits and pieces) inside the catalog for your browsing pleasure and quick access.

For the technically minded – because lives on secure https connection it’s actually a bit of a challenge to embed content from insecure source (like videos) as browsers throw users a security error. We think we know a workaround but more on that as we get things built.

3 thoughts on “Tunes from SoundCloud now embedded in catalog

  1. is there a connection between this new feature
    and the fact that my soundcloud track now says “Will be submitted”
    in flattr / settings / connections?

    i’d just gotten used to having to go there for every new track,
    but now it seems there’s no way trigger the process ..


  2. Hi eddi,

    No, we are not submitting tracks automatically yet. The submit page was broken for a while but should be fixed now. There’s a button to submit all your soundcloud tracks (already submitted tracks will not be re-submitted).

    /Per :)

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