When I re-read Peter Sunde’s blogpost “Maintain. Hardline. Kopimi.” this morning then something he says at the very end strikes a chord with me personally but also with Flattr “’cause that’s what we do”.

Today I urge everyone to make sure that the entertainment industry does not profit from them anymore. Stop seeing their movies. Stop listening to their music. Make sure that you find alternative ways to culture.

Peter envisioned Flattr exactly for this – enabling independent artists and creators to tap directly into their fanbase, into their followers, readers, viewers, listeners, customers. Less middle men, less fat industry, fewer restrictions, more direct payments/donations and of course, relationship between the creator and the “consumer”.

Flattr catalog is a continuously growing body of free content – movies, music, games, software, comics, photos

Other places to get independent music, movies etc: Soundcloud, Libre.fm, Jamendo (all are music), Vo.do (movies).

But don’t forget to go to check out that up and coming indie band playing in a local club this Friday, the budding artist who’s just launching his first art show, young choreographers doing a funky urban space dance project. Find out what’s happening in your home town, in your neighborhood, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Most important – be a part of it, everyone can be a creator, it’s much more fun and rewarding that being a passive consumer. Find your thing, do it, enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “Stop greedy entertainment industry profiting from you

  1. “Most important – be a part of it, everyone can be a creator, it’s much more fun and rewarding that being a passive consumer. Find your thing, do it, enjoy it.”

    – so true! Thanks to the internet and especially thanks to communities like the OSS community or flattr everybody can become a creator, even on a low budget and without a lot of in-depth technological knowledge (compare today’s wordpress platform with HTML hacking a decade ago!)

    I dare say Apple and Google pushed in the right direction with their respective app-stores and helped people to understand and become used to the idea of micropayments. People are becoming used to the idea of paying microscopic amounts for digital content (i.e. Apps) and flattr can fill the gap between big-business backed commercialsuperstarbigsoftwarecompanycelebwhathaveyougot and one-man-army entrepreneus / people doing what they love just4fun.

    I can only strike the same chord and repeat what was said: Find your thing, do it, enjoy it! <3

    PS: Hadn't had a coffee yet and hope I could get across my point ;)

  2. Sorry, this might be a bit unrelated, but I’m missing the unclaimed category in your new catalog. I hope it will come back :)

  3. Minibug report: I think that clicking on the screenshot of Flattr catalog sould open Flattr catalog, instead of this page… :-)

  4. Kopimism!

    If you guys didn’t already know about this site I’m here to let you know:


    A social music market place, you can buy directly from the artists. They receive 100% of the profit (after money transfer fees and obligatory royalties (if there are any)).

    There are even some relatively known bands that have put their music there, I suggest you check it out.

    Also Flattr, you should really let them know you exist! :D

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