Nordic media has been buzzing since yesterday with the news of an investment made into Flattr. We haven’t really shared this piece of news before as the whole team has been focused on building a better product and kicking ass but now’s a good time to run through the facts quickly.

First of all the investment – namely €1.6 million boost – happened already last year but the paperwork was finalized just recently so that “broke” the news. This investment from Passion Capital and Federico Pirzio-Biroli goes towards improving our service, growing the user base and building the team. We won’t be opening swanky offices in Silicon valley or running Super Bowl ads :) Goes without saying that we (heart) our investors – there’s a shared belief that online (micro)payments space is ready for a change.

Our focus will stay on Europe with Germany, UK and Sweden being our largest markets on this side of the pond. There’s no ignoring the US market which has grown significantly in terms of sites and users and is now our 2nd largest market. We’ll continue to grow by making more things flattrable (Wikipedia articles, tweets and Github are the latest “victims”) in more ways – just last week the first podcatcher Instacast integrated Flattr into their apps.

For the team it’s business usual – subscribe to our blog, follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ if you want to stay on top of news coming from the Flattrland :)

5 thoughts on “Cat’s out of the bag – yes, Flattr now has investors

  1. Hey guys,

    First of all, congrats to bringing some money aboard. Also, looks like you found a fitting match with Pirzio-Biroli and PC. Looking forward to see how things develop from here on

    Second: Out of curiousity, would you care to outline your business model once again for us non-investors? I mean people who invest want to make money, right? How does that work out for you and Passion Capital / Pirzio-Biroli?


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