This post is important to users who add Things to Flattr system.

In a few days we will change the category system of Flattr to make finding things in catalog easier and overall improve the usefulness of it. It also means that criteria for picking content that is shown in catalog will change.

If you have Things that do not match any of the criteria below then they will not show up in our catalog, no matter how popular your Thing is.

Old categories will be called “data type” as that’s what they really are. New categories will combine these data types and tags to be much more precise, extendable and it’s easier to add more categories as we go along.

Tag your Things you want to be included in the catalog. Here’s how:

1. Go to the Thing page and click “Edit”
2. If needed update data-type and add tags to match to the new category (see below
3. Click “Save”

Blogs & News
Data type: Text
Tag with: blog or news

Data type: Image
Tag with: comic

Data type: Software
Tag with: game or games

Data type: Audio
Tag with: music

Data type: Image
Tag with: photo or photos

Data type: Audio
Tag with: podcast

Data type: Software
Do not tag with: game or games

Data type: Video
No tag needed.

We will add more categories when demand tells us to.

Finally: Why do we do this?

To make the catalog useful for finding interesting content to flattr, it will mean some Things will not be shown via browsing of the categories. But it will also mean the things shown are of relevance. More about this in a few days.

33 thoughts on “The categories, they are a changin’

  1. Yes, to make it possible to show up in the “Blogs & News” category. People can still flattr it and find it via search etc. This is just for the catalog.

  2. I’ve just one thing on flattr: some lecture notes that made a lot of work for me. It does not match any of the tags you are providing. I think within the data type text there will be a lot of stuff that does not match the tags as they are write now. What’s with a tag for books or scientific papers?

  3. No sorry, there are things that will not match any of the categories we start with. We picked them from what is most popular. We will add more categories when there is demand for it.

    We feel bad that there will be stuff that “can not” be found through the catalog this way. But at the same time having categories with just a few items in them will probably be even worse. As it is today your paper are competing with all other text so it’s probably very hard to end up in the top lists too. Eg, games are almost impossible to find today as they drown in all “normal” software. Not with the new categories.

    When there are enough books/papers/documents to form a great category it will probably be done as Data-type:”Text” + tag: book, paper, document. This shows how simple it will be for us to form categories from existing content. If we where to do new categories where you have to choose one when you submit we can never “split” them in the future (without horrific manual work).

    Most “unpopular” stuff has the best chance to be found via search, if it has good info, tags, etc. And of course via the button on your page.

  4. this sounds intressting. i only hope is that this is not gonna be a problem for new users :)

  5. Good change I think, the catalog is not so useful right now.
    If it means that not everything will show, that is acceptable (if it makes the catalog great). Remember that you can still find it on Google or elsewhere. I guess most discovery happens outside of the catalog anyway.

    Two requests:

    1) On the Get Button form, please add a pulldown for the categories that adjusts the tags automatically, and add a warning if the current tags would mean exclusion from the catalog.

    2) Also find a better way to find content that is both recent and popular. Right now “Most flattred in 7 days” includes mostly old (but still popular) content. Maybe something like “Most flattred, but created within the last week”.

  6. 1. Yes we are thinking of this. (but most things are autosubmitted via API so it does not make that big a difference)

    2. There will be a solution to this problem to next week =)

  7. I am not afraid of not beeing found in the catalog, ’cause most things are flattred on the homepage itself. But still I hope maybe the WordPress-Plugin will solve the issue, cause if I had to tag all posts with “blog” for instance my tagcloud would get useless, also other plugins wich for example display similar post using the tags

  8. I mostly post paintings – they don’t fit in a category (it’s an image, but no photo or comic). Maybe it’s because I often browse art blogs, that I think it’s not a really rare thing – there are lots of them out there.

  9. Hi everyone !

    I’m sorry but I’m maybe the only one who’s perplexed about this new catalog. Before that, I was discovering all the new stuff that was published. It means that any little post was possible to find and discover. Now, only the last or the most flattered users are under the spotlight. So, how can I find the little users now ? If it’s impossible, how can we are going to find them to flattr them and put them under the spotlight with the others ?

  10. Yes, that is an issue with the current catalog. The biggest reason for this is that the things are normally only submitted to the system when they got flattred, meaning that the submit date that we used was in lots of cases not when eg the blog post was written. Hence making that list quite “incorrect”.

    The new trending algorithm should help pop up new content in the catalog quite easily as long as it got some flattrs. This combined with the idea that the catalog should help you find valuable content rather than just “random” (that was mostly the case before) made us do this solution.

    Hope that explains it.

  11. The general idea of the trending is that it should pick up new content, so if it does not we will tweak the algorithm until it does. We think this will be great. If not we will come up with something!

  12. I wonder how this is going to play out.
    To be honest, I really just have Flattr because I love the concept behind it, and I would love to see it succeed, because I think that it is great to be able to show our appreciation to people who creates content, but I have rarely see a website in Spanish that has a Flattr button to click, and I am guessing that there aren’t a lot of people from either Spain or Latin America using the service, or, at least I rarely get a Flattr myself in any of the websites where I have buttons. It would be interesting to see some stats concerning the languages in use, or if there has been such stats I missed them. Almost everything that I post is in Spanish.
    But, I am planing to write something about Flattr in my own website, or see if I can give it some promotion next month. I don’t even know how does the withdrawal process works in Mexico, if it is possible, and am still really far from checking that out.

  13. Hi Juan, Spain isn’t really that big market for Flattr yet. Hopefully that will change slowly as more people like you discover us and introduce it to their friends and followers via their blogs and sites.

    Thanks for your support!

  14. New flattr-er here!
    I’d just like to add my request for an art category. Thanks, I love the idea of flattr, hope I start seeing more in the catalog soon. :)

  15. Forgot to say: Is it possible to limit catalog/search results to a certain language? If not, I think that would be a handy feature.

  16. Hello,

    I am trying to update my Thing so my nonprofit organization appears in the Charities section of the catalog. While I was editing my thing, I noticed that there is no data type for Charities, so I chose Other. Is this why it is not appearing in the Charities section, or am I doing something else wrong?

    Thank you!

  17. Ok, this is silly:

    Step one is “Go to the Thing page…”

    Can someone please tell me what the Thing page is?


  18. Hi,
    still problems with my new thing called Kieslowski to add this thing to catalogue – cathegory Audio – music. I did what you recommend, but still not there. Can you check it please?
    Another point is picture, still not stable, Flattr better choose some picture from our website and I must still update falttr page to see picture I want there.
    Thank you very much.
    Kindly regards

  19. :D
    suddenly fixed when I changed language back to English! :)
    Ok, one question…what´s the key to sort the things in catalogue? Defenitely it´s not alphabet and also not newest and oldest things…
    Thank you!

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