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Here at Flattr we spend much time on IRC and lately we have a new friend, Hubot. Hubot is a chat bot built by GitHub that helps us out with tasks ( for example pulling funny images from internet ) and informs us of new deploys and such. Hubot doesn’t only work with IRC but also with Campfire, HipChat and many other chat services. Check out the adapters page for a full list.

There are several scripts available for Hubot that the community built and today one for Flattr is available. With the Flattr script Hubot listens in on the chat and if it hears a URL that is a Flattr Thing it spits out information about the thing.

smgt@ : https://github.com/simon/flattr
Hubot : Thing: { 5 } Ruby gem wrapping Flattrs API - https://flattr.com/thing/450287

You can also ask Hubot about a Flattr user.

smgt@ : Hubot user me smgt
Hubot : Flattr user: smgt (Simon Gate) from Sweden
Hubot : More: https://flattr.com/profile/smgt

And you can ask Hubot about specific Thing id.

smgt : Hubot thing me 450287
Hubot : Thing: { 5 } Ruby gem wrapping Flattrs API - https://github.com/simon/flattr (https://flattr.com/thing/450287)

I hope you will enjoy the script or if you need any help send a tweet to @simongate.

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  1. Hey, the ‘me’ is there to follow the hubot convention. The hubot find me is not needed, hubot listens in and every URL that is pasted into the channel it checks if there is a thing available.

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