A simple “Thank you!” (or “Danke”, “Merci”, “Gracias”, “Tack”…) is one of the most powerful things in the world you can say to anyone. Add a smile and you’re ready to make the world a better place.

You can now send a friendly thank-you-notice to those who flattred you last month. There’s a link in your revenue report that leads to an email form. We’ve filled it out with a default message but we encourage you to replace it with your own little message, make it more personal.

Look for the friendly green button (yes, that’s my actual revenue report)

For privacy reasons we only show how many people receive that email and not their email addresses.

Right now the from: address is support@flattr.com – we’re trying to gauge how many of our users consider this email as spam. If we’re happy with the results then we’ll change it to the address of the sender so it’s possible to respond and get in touch.

By the way, if you wanted to learn to say thank you in more languages then this list of translation of “thanks” is a good start.

10 thoughts on “Completing the circle – thank your supporters

  1. Shouldn’t this be possible for the entire year instead? Monthly emails might feel a bit “spammy”. Imagine some one who flattrs a lot getting a 1000 emails or so in a bunch. I would not be happy if I was that person.

  2. Tomas – There’s definitely something in your idea, who knows, we might implement that too. However, the majority of users who requested this feature asked for a monthly thank you message and it makes sense too as this is an optimal amount of time.

    It’s possible to switch the thank you posts off in your notification settings in the profile if it feels like too many emails…

    Max – yes.

  3. You could also make some kind of Thank You page an optional part of everybody’s profile where users could write some nice words to those who flattred them. Such a page would also be a good opportunity for more customization options … background image, selecting which things to display prominently (maybe grouped by own interests and activities), future plans if more Flattrs come in etc.

  4. I received one of these messages yesterday. Do you plan to offer a configuration setting for permanently disabling them? I assume people appreciate me Flattring them, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. There’s no need for anyone to thank me.

  5. I don’t really see the point of this feature. In my opinion a Flattr is me thanking them for posting something that I found valuable or interesting, I don’t see the need to thank a thank.
    Although, now I do feel tempted to thank the thanks.

  6. The timing of this release is great, because January 11th is “International Thank You Day” (according to some people, though I cannot find anything about it on Wikipedia). Maybe the next Pay a Blogger Day can also be combined with this “Thank You Day”, if it does exist (though I guess it will come into existence if many people will it so).

  7. Maybe one more thing: There should be a warning when you try to send a thank you message for a month when you already have sent one. Or just disable the button after the message was sent.

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