Flattr premises, and now your money, protected by ninjas

I wanted to share two user friendly changes we have implemented in December. The first one concerns funds added mid-month and the other one the rules concerning a situation when you have funds on your account but haven’t flattred anything.

When you create an account and add money mid-month then you now control the whole amount you added right away, not just part of it (equal share to the number of days left in the month) as it used to be before.

If you add money at the very end of the month you can still flattr all of it right away to make your favorite creators happy.

Secondly, we removed the rule that if you haven’t flattred anything during a month then your monthly budget will be donated to a charity. You now keep the money until you finally flattr something, or 6 months passes since your last Flattr click*.

After 6 months of inactivity we are forced to remove the money from our systems. It will still be put to good use as we donate all funds received that way to charity and you get karma points :)

Now, what else can we do to make Flattr easier to use and more logical?

* Technically it’s 6 months starting from the start of the first month without no flattr clicks.

8 thoughts on “Ninjas protecting your un-flattred money (at least for six months)

  1. > Now, what else can we do to make Flattr easier…

    I still have a bit of a grievance with the system of splitting. I’m a unstable person… flattering one month a lot of things, then the other nothing. The system now makes me switch the slider every time to make sure every donation is roughly worth the same (and not pennies once, and “big bucks” the other).
    For me a “per donation” setting would make it easier – actually I think not just for me, for any newcomer, since it seems just more logical.

    Another thing I’m just wondering about: is there a minimum amount to flatter? I counldn’t find anything about it in the FAQ. Because I was thinking: It is actually a core strength that flattering is a “like” that costs something – thus having much more value than a free FB like – you can’t really fake it. It is as in nature… why peacocks have those lovely feathers.
    Its just that this would be undermined if I could flatter for 0.00001 cent or something. Just wondering… so not really a suggestion yet.

    Since I’m at it: I feel there is a issue in your catalog with sites either using a thing for separate items, or their whole content at once. It seems the “whole at once” is dominating the page, since the smaller things are barely showing up. And I cannot see if the “top things in 24h” – are really that, since the numbers might have accumulated over years – and they get sticky. One thing would be to really show a number how much something has been flattred in the recent time. Just something that always confuses me a bit – and could use some cleaning up.

    Anyways, great changes. Oh – and btw. – ninja’s without face masks are not real ninjas! Ridicules!!!

  2. one thing i always wanted on flattr is to some sort of messaging system so you can say (thanks for the flattr man) or someting like that
    the comment are good and all but its not telling you when you get a new comment here on flattr but anyways like the new rules ;)

  3. I would like to be able to set a maximum per flattr amount, with a monthly overal maximum. So for instance, say I’d like each flattr to be worth 20 Eurocents, but never spend more than 10 Euros per month. This way if I do more than 50 flattrs the per flattr amount would go down, but in a month that I do just one flattr that flattr isn’t going to be worth 10 Euros, but the 20 cents that I set as per flattr maximum.

    The current system pushes you to choose a low monthly maximum, just in case you don’t flattr a lot in a given month. That was the case for me, as I was never someone who flattred a lot, just flattring a few things now and then. Over a period of 10 months, that I used flattr, twice I had a month that I did just flattr 1 thing and that one flattr was thus worth 2 Euros, one month there were just 2 flattrs by me, each worth 1 Euro, only twice did the per flattr click end up (just) below 20 cents, those were the 1st and last months when the total funds distributed were below the 2 Euro minimum.

    Eventually I let my account lapse out of funds, because I didn’t want the occasional flattr to be worth the 2 Euro minimum or the amount to disappear if I didn’t flattr at all (that part you have now solved).

    If you implemented the per flattr maximum that I outlined above you’d really solve my problem, and I’d certainly add funds again and start flattring again now and then.

  4. I do agree with Otto de Voogd.
    At the present point, flattr is not very popular. So, sometimes is difficult to find people you want to “flattr”.

    If one month I don’t find many contents that are worth it and possible to be “flattred”, these few will probably get more money that I may believe they deserve.

    For instance, I spend 10€ per month. One month I only find 2 blogs I like and have a flattr button (maybe bcs I went for holidays). They will get 5€ each, and it may think that is too much.

    “per flattr maximum” option would solve this.
    This was, in fact, the only thing made me to reconsider sign up to flattr.
    I also think it will not be a big problem in the future if flattr became more popular. But so far it may be a drawback for potential users.

  5. You all definitely should not change the automatic splitting feature; it’s one of the key features of flattr and I think it will be key to it eventually catching on (once flattr gets promoted better, by some big websites picking it up – wikipedia is a great start!).

    I’m actually conflicted about the no longer donating to charity thing, as I think it was a neat idea and lets flattr be more of a “set and forget it” kind of thing. But I do understand why this change was made; perhaps it will help attract new people or at least be more logical for people.

    One thing that could be cool is some better support for blogs: specifically the ability for flattr to recognize how many posts on a particular blog have been flattered. So rather than counting “homepage flattrs” separately than “post flattrs” – the “homepage flattr” would be a tally of all total post flattrs. Just a thought – I think this would make smaller blogs more likely to make their flattr buttons “per post” rather than “for the whole blog”.

  6. To all those who want more control over the worth of individual flattr-clicks: Doesn’t that go against the „flatrate” part of the „flattr” portmanteau? Why does it concern you that one click might be worth e.g. 2€ if that is the amount of money you’ve decided to spend on content per month and you just clicked one item?

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