Profile of one of our developers, Per Thulin

Profile pages on were… poor, we’re the first ones to admit. Good news – they’re not any more! Quite the opposite, we think the new profile pages look pretty darn good. As you can see from the example above (click on it to see Per’s full profile).

So what’s changed?

* Fresh design – cleaner, focus on the person and the flattrs.
* Easier to see what they’ve supported and who have supported them.
* Profile pictures – they’re BIG now. And we find ourselves clicking on them to discover new interesting people.

It’s a work in progress so we do want your feedback. What do you like? What do you hate? What do you miss and what are the bits you don’t care about?

But wait, your Dashboard is also new!

The new Dashboard, the one that belongs to yours truly

In addition to the fact that yours truly had the budget of €26.90 (don’t ask) last month you’ll also notice that we’ve done some dramatic changes to the Dashboard.

* Three tabs with notifications, transactions and subscriptions.
* A good overview of what you’ve flattred and who have flattred you.
* Clearer snapshot of current balance, monthly budget and your click value.

Same thing as with the new profile – we want your feedback. What’s not clear? What’s missing? How to make it better?

Bonus point – the whole site has a nice new footer and I personally just like to look at it wishing that the birds took flight for real.

23 thoughts on “New profiles, new dashboard – penny for your thoughts

  1. Looking great!

    Just one thing, there are the “newest things” and “top things” sections, but I can’t find a list of all my things. Is it missing or am I just too silly to find it? ;)

  2. I dig the new design. Looks very… web 2.0ish but you should re-do the “Get a button” area.

    Also, a little bit off-topic, but we need more partnerships with established web-services and I would like to see a code for easy integration of flattr buttons in feeds like Google+ etc.

    Anyway, good work with the new design!

  3. Overall nice, but now I can’t see “direct donations” I made in this month. They are not listed in Transactions, or anywhere else I think.

  4. When viewing my activity (things I’ve flattred) only the latest flattr to a specific thing is displayed. Before, the history of all flattr to a specific thing was displayed. Is this an intentional change? Because I really dislike this change.

  5. Good work, a huge improvement!
    Very cool to switch between private and public profile. The public profile could also indicate if an account belongs to a charity. (Same way as you see on the right sidebar on the thing pages.)
    I still need to find the expired subscriptions. I use them to find out what to re-subscribe.
    Also agree to the opinion above that the Get Button procedure could be optimized, especially since for manual creation much information could be fetched from the web after submitting the URL and then suggested.
    Lastly, it would be possible to show off the user’s comments on the profile and see other people’s latest comments on your things on the dashboard. (probably both in the right sidebar? Or make a new tab for incoming and outgoing comments?)
    (If you’re in fine-tuning mood, you might increase a bit the font size of the things on the dashboard.)

  6. I love the new design, great work. Fonts on the mobile (especially tablet) version still need some serious tweaking, and I miss having the twitter lookup in my DB, overall A+

  7. I do not like it. I already have written what I think on in the !flattr group, but I’ll repeat it here:
    – overly simplified (I liked having all relevant info at once on screen in the old dashboard)
    – seems “optimised for touchscreens” with the large list items to make it easy to “click” it with a finger – yes this is a bad thing, I have a >1000dpi mouse, I can do precision just fine – make a separate css for touch devices if you feel the need.
    – no expired subscriptions view (after a month passes and some of my subscriptions expire how will I know which ones they were when I’d want to continue to be subscribed?)
    – no way to see all my things (only the latest and the most clicked)

    Overall – it takes more screen space (and even with tabs) to get less information and less functionality. Also I know it’s your color theme, but green text on this yellowish background isn’t too comfortable to read (orange is okay though).

    I’d love to get the old dashboard back. Someone said on after the 1.0 upgrade that the best way to push new versions is to keep all old features and make all the new ones optional. I feel now that he was darn right.

  8. re: the dashboard
    I can see what Cyber Killer’s saying about “more space, less information.” It took me a few minutes of clicking around to find everything, but IMHO, the simplicity is better–I see it as cleaner, more organized. I can find everything I need to.

    re: new profiles
    I love this! It seems more… personal. The old profiles, while informative, weren’t particularly appealing. These have more of a social-network-type feel. Which, I guess, some people might not like. But I love it. Since Flattr emphasizes community so much it’s nice to have more community-friendly profiles!

  9. One thing, though.
    There used to be a separate section of “pending transactions” (or something like that) which was really useful for keeping track of donations during the month. Is that still around somewhere? Or will donations just show up under transactions at the end of the month?

    It was nice to have the “pending” section in case I forgot who and how much had been sent where before it actually went through. That was cool.

  10. Now that Dwolla has no transaction fees for payments under $10 ($0.25 flat fee for more), you should really integrate with them. Otherwise I could see a Dwolla-based Flattr-like service taking over the States.

  11. Regarding missing lists of pending flattrs, pending donations and expired subscriptions – we’re going to add them back asap as well as add other new stuff to the pages. The intention wasn’t ever to remove features, we just wanted to launch the design as soon as possible so that we could get the improved profile out there and get this very good feedback on what we should do next :)

  12. A few things:
    First: I am missing the upcoming transaction. Before the relaunch I was able to see how many money I will get on the 10th of the month.

    Still i would like to have an overview over the things flattred this month, so I could see my blog has X flattrs, this podcast Y and so on, without counting the indivudial flattrs within the “timeline” or counting the difference between now and last month.

    “One more thing”: Can I add mutliple Websites to my profil-page?

  13. One thing I love is reading through the comments I saw two people who I know outside of flattr commenting on a blog post and neither of them know each other… yet we are all commenting on the same flattr post (small internet).

    Now, to business:
    Before the interface gave me useful information like donations that were sent and processesing information and such, it also felt more informitive which is what i want a dashboard to be.

    The profiles are wonderful… just give us more information on the dashboard.

  14. The switching between private/public profiles is a nice touch.

    The big orange and green icons next to things seem rather ugly and more to the point uninformative. Is the idea that you get different icons for different services like a hypothetical YouTube? May be alternative solution is just not to have a default?

    Not trying to give advice so much as add a counter voice below, but
    I’d be a little bit careful about listening too much to vocal power users unless your research shows they are actually a part of the population you are trying to design for :-)… On the one hand there is no such thing as too much information (I heard some quote that “too much” information is just badly presented information), on the other hand if you can’t work out a good way to present a lot of information then maybe your incremental less is more approach is right. Again, not advice so much as saying that not everybody minds.

  15. The design is nice, and the profile (public and private) does look better.
    I prefered the old dashboard on the other hand: more information and everything seemed easier/quicker to access, in 2 words: better usability. Might be I just need some time to get used to it, still…

    Two things which are still missing:
    1. would be nice to have a complete list of all things that I have flattred, together with the total amount of money I have donated to each particular thing from the beginning of time up until now.

    2. customizable “favorites” list, both to keep my favorite projects at hand, and to give them visibility in the public profile page.

  16. Thanks for all the feedback!

    As some of you might have noticed we have continued tweaking the new dashboard and profile and it’s getting better and better and we have even more stuff we want to tweak. Continue to send feedback and we will take it into consideration as well

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