Christmas is around the corner and here at the office we’re really getting into the spirit of the holiday. What better way to celebrate in the spirit of giving than by supporting some charities here on Flattr?

Givv collects a lot of charities under one roof. They’ve made available The AIDS Policy Project, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Save the Children, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Japan Disaster Relief Fund, American Red Cross and World Wildlife Fund, among others, on Flattr.

The Swedish Amnesty International have signed up to be part of the micro donation goodness that we bring.

Have you heard of Burma, or Myanmar as they call themselves these days? BurmaBlog is a non-profit NGO in the Czech Republic. Their goal is to restore peace, justice, democracy and human rights in Burma and to support and empower Burmese refugees. Curious about what’s going on in Burma, have a look at this video.

German Strahlendes Klima, translated Bright Air, fight for a greener environment through spreading information. Much like Greenpeace. In 2008/2009 they launched the short film “Uranium – is it a country? Searching for clues to the origin of nuclear energy” free for non-commercial distribution.

Odyssey Charity – Life is Magical is a charity which enhances the quality of life for cancer patients, through imaginative programmes of challenging and dramatic activities using the outdoors.

EarthRights International combines the power of law and the power of people in defense of human rights and the environment, which they define as “earth rights.”

Wilderness UK believe in the irreplaceable value of wilderness, which contains the wonders of pristine nature, and enables us to return to our origins and draw a deep sense of belonging and inspiration. They are part of the Wilderness Network.

Robin Wood is a German environmental group with focus on the issues relating to forest, tropical forest, energy and transport. Their trademark is creative and spectacular actions for the cause.

If you go to any of these profiles you can donate a larger sum, if you feel that the normal flattr click is not enough in this time of Christmas.

Photo by Jim Winstead.

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