URL Auto Submit Documentation

If you can’t use JavaScript on your site (or don’t want to) we also have a way of submitting things via URL’s. Here is the documentation for how to use the URL submit. Please bear in mind that the button will not have a counter.

The URL format for submitting a thing is the following:


Replace USERNAME with your username on Flattr

Replace URL with the URL of the thing.

Replace TITLE with the title you want to for your thing.

Replace DESCRIPTION with the description for your thing.

Replace LANGUAGE with the language of your page, a list of the alternatives can be found here.

Replace TAGS with the tags you want your post to be tagged with. Multiple tags are separated with ,

Replace HIDDEN with = 1 if you want to hide the things from public listings on flattr.com.

Replace CATEGORY with one category from the list of categories found here.

The URL you get from this can be linked in anyway you want, with text or image link.

If you want an image as a link you can use this icon found here: https://flattr.com/_img/icons/flattr_logo_16.png or this button found here: https://api.flattr.com/button/flattr-badge-large.png

Note: The thing will submitted to our catalog when it’s flattred for the first time.

5 thoughts on “URL Auto Submit Documentation

  1. Right, I am going to try to live-flattrize my live-blog tonight. I have no idea if this’ll work but I’ll do it or die trying! :D

    Live-blog will be up at my website (linked above) and will be posted on facebook, googleplus and twitter simultaneously. Wish me luck!

  2. Hello,

    What happens if I publish a post and attach two Flattr buttons: first linking to my flattr user, second linking to my friend’s user Flattr; both buttons with same url, title, etc…

    Will it work?

    Which is the best way to support multiple creators coworking in the same job?

  3. Sorry that does not work, URL’s in buttons has to be unique.

    Create an account for the project is probably the simplest way or just agree to use one of your accounts.

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