Show you got Flattr on Flickr

Not all places can get shiny counting buttons yet, but there are a few different solutions to allow people to flattr your content on these sites different sites. You can learn more about which ones.

To add a flattr-link to your Flickr follow these 3 steps:

1. Manually submit your photostream link to Flattr. When the thing is created you’ll be directed to the things page, use this URL in the next step.

2. Add a link to your photo descriptions by using the following:

<a href="the link you got from step 1">Flattr this!</a>

Easiest to do with batch edit. Flickr will add a nofollow in the link but don’t worry about that.

3. Done! You’ve now added a Flattr this! link in the photo description. (It will only be a link when looking at the photo itself not the thumb index.)

Now what? Show people your work, show your donation options and you should be set.

12 thoughts on “Show you got Flattr on Flickr

  1. Well it works fine, if I wrote it by my own. I think something went wrong with the encoding in this blogpost, the inverted commas are not correct if you copy them to flickr.

  2. Does not work when copy&paste the code in the picture description. Flickr cut out some of the code. It seems it only works when copy&paste the code as a comment – but that looks somehow cheap.

  3. Could you please talk with and that they implement your Button-API, to make it easier for us implementing the button?

    A manual submit and entry of the code is no option for hundreds of pictures!

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