A week ago we announced the Pay a Blogger Day that happens tomorrow, on 29th of November. The reception has been very good, with lots of people liking the idea of putting bloggers into the spotlight for all their hard work.

I did some quick browsing to collect a few quotes from different articles and blog posts pondering on the topic. Have you seen any other good quotes about Pay a Blogger Day I’m missing?

Zoe Fox at Mashable: Pay a Blogger Day Hopes You’ll Pay for the Content You Love

You may be wondering if this movement will really generate enough income to provide bloggers with a viable income. A blogger testimonial on the site says, “This month … I’ve made $0.03, but it was the best $0.03 I ever made.” So maybe Pay a Blogger Day won’t provide bloggers with enough money to make a living, but it may give them the necessary pat on the back to encourage them to keep contributing their craft to the Internet.

Aelius Blythe at Cheap Ass Fiction: Pay a Blogger Day

I myself follow half a dozen blogs on a daily basis and another one or two dozen pretty frequently. They help me stay up to date, interpret and talk out the news, encourage me in my professional pursuits, and sometimes just give me a laugh. And they do it all without asking for a cent. Lets show some appreciation for that.

Mike Turner at Ecademy: Would you pay to read this blog??

The great thing of course is that the money generated could actually go anywhere. A blogger might decide to direct the income to their favourite charity if they don’t want to take advantage of the income generated to buy beer or other essentials.

Bobbie Johnson at Gigaom: “Can ‘Pay a Blogger Day’ help Flattr gain velocity?”

I’ll admit I’m fond of the idea behind the service — who wouldn’t like the idea of helping people out for being awesome? — but it has definitely had its trials so far. To start with, it’s treading tough ground in the first place, since “tip jar”-style payments have really struggled in the past.

normalityandme in the comments of Slummy Single Mummy: How do you feel about Pay a Blogger Day?

I think to raise the profile of blogging to something on a parr with traditional media is no bad thing. The quality of information, writing and entertainment on many blogs is equally as good as that of magazines or newspapers, so I see the thought process behind asking to pay for it.

@noodlesndoodles at Hapiness is…: Pay a Blogger Day

It’s not so much about the money, the payment doesn’t even have to be in money. Maybe just an email, a comment or a cup of coffee. For me it’s just being acknowledged, or as they put it “the necessary pat on the back to encourage them to keep contributing their craft to the Internet.”

Can you come up with more funny signs to help promote the day?