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Blogs are something that we read almost daily but how often do we step back and think about the time and effort that goes into writing an enjoyable, informative and entertaining post? Day after day, week after week, and keep the enthusiasm that writing brings the author?

Pay a Blogger Day is our effort to put the bloggers in the spotlight to recognize the value they bring to the internet. Not to mention our own daily web “consumption”. Most of the Flattr team members are (or have been) bloggers ourselves so we know what’s involved and on 29th of November we will give a round of applause to our favorite bloggers and get our wallets out to buy them a coffee / beer / that new cool iPhone app :)

During the week leading up to the 29th we’ll be following the reactions to the idea and covering the idea and response from the community here on our blog, on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned!

14 thoughts on “Pay a Blogger Day on 29th of November

  1. Hmm…

    I think a “Blogger Appreciation Day” is a nice idea, but putting money front and center could backfire. Now it looks less like “Thanksgiving” and more like “Blogger Tax Day”. I think that most bloggers that are not already monetizing their work are not all that interested in a little extra cash.

    It also looks a bit like a Flattr marketing campaign. Did you try to get other companies like PayPal, Kachingle, TipTheWeb to get behind the concept?

    The idea of a “Blogger Day” itself is great, of course, just like “Mothers’ Day” or “Earth Day”. Maybe it can be put on a broader platform next year.

  2. “Blogger Tax Day” is of course not the idea, I believe it shows from the all the texts and coverage so far. The whole team has been following what blogs and other sites write about it, what people tweet and the overwhelming response is very positive. People do get the idea behind the day.

    When we came up with the idea it was clear that we needed a loud message, something that would catch people’s attentions, hence the “payback time” theme. Love it or hate it, it gets people to react. Which is tons better than everyone going “oh, nice” and then promptly moving on the next thing.

    As you can see from the site we have quite a few partners on this campaign (yes, Flattr is the main initiator) and they’re all content creation platforms as this is where bloggers and authors do their think – post stuff. This felt like a natural fit. Of course we’d love to get more companies involved next year. With this year event under our belt it’ll be easier to get heavyweights such as PayPal, WordPress etc to join the cause.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Thilo.

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