Geekend delivers – and we’ve got proof

Last week Linus and myself hopped on a plane to fly all the way to Savannah, Georgia, USA. Our goal was simple – attend Geekend and win over the hearts and minds of geeks, techies, designers, social media peeps of the region. Nothing beats meeting people face to face, getting their thoughts on the idea of Flattr, how it works, how it can work better.

Our secondary goal was not to put on 5 kilos as the local food is delicious and plentiful. We sort of succeeded even though Linus made a valiant effort the last morning to down 12 deep fried buns covered in about a ton of sugar (yes, we have the picture).

I’ll let Sloane Kelley, one of the main organizers of the event, introduce what Geekend is all about.

The event kicked off with a mini bicycle race (both the bikes and the track were quite mini, the riders were of regular size, video below), continued by 2.5 days of presentations, 24h hackathon, socializing, after parties, excellent food, more presentations, mechanical bull riding, 2-wheel electric future wheeler test driving, the list goes on…

The whole event was flattrable meaning that you could flattr any presentation, speaker or fellow conference goer (perhaps they gave you an excellent business idea, asked the perfect question or just made you laugh). Linus took to the stage too, discussing a very important topic – can your fans pay for your iPhone 5. Slides below.

We did manage to see some of the sights too and Savannah didn’t disappoint. The old district is beautifully planned and has a very European feel with tons of little parks, beautiful architecture and lots of greenery. It’s all very walkable too. Picture gallery below:

Finally – thank you Sloane, Miriam and Jake for organizing the event and inviting us over. It was great talking to our users (and future users) and get real world feedback.

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