This weekend I was lucky enough to join the local Geek Girl Meetup unconference here in Malmö. You get so many new impressions attending all the speaker sessions in the span of a day, I’m not even sure where to start. There is something truly special about a venue filled with only girls, and geeky girls at that.

The Geek Girls

First off, what is Geek Girl Meetup?
It all started in Stockholm, where a few girls got together and decided that they wanted to create a conference where women could meet and exchange experiences. They created an un-conference so that everyone could bring in their knowledge and skills to share with each other. They aim to build networks and to lift up female role models within the business of web, code and business development.

Now they’ve branched out to four parts of Sweden; Stockholm, Öresund (having had a conference in Helsingborg and Malmö), Göteborg and Umeå. And they’re also active in Denmark/Copenhagen and London.

What can happen when you place a 100 geeky girls in one place
As intended a lot of women got together and shared what they love the most. With the tag line Love your skill, I personally felt that Flattr was a good fit for this event. If you love your skill you’re opening up for others to love it as well. There were sessions covering the subjects of equality, conflict management, do what you love, usability, open space technology, OpenStreet Map and also workshops covering Arduino, Photoshop, Google Sketchup and how to free yourself with dance.

Something that definitely was achieved was expanding your network and finding people who fit in like pieces of a puzzle into yours. There was always some buzz going on, and people swapping their business cards or planning a new meetup to follow up on starting a project and more.

I met a lot of people interested in what we do here at Flattr and who want to help us reach out even more, I loved every moment of it. The twitter talk about #GGMO was lively, and there were people live blogging, photographing and streaming on Bambuser.

What did Flattr learn at this conference?
The conference was flattrable, which we’ve done before and we keep learning more and more about each time we do it.
* There are still ways to simplify the use of Flattr and QR codes, especially to enhance the experience for users at conferences.
* Personal contact with new users can make wonders.
* There is room for making the service spot on.

Lessons that fit everyone is that don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. To meet and connect with new people can open up a lot of new doors, that you would never have imagined otherwise.

Expect to see more geeky girls on Flattr in the near future! You can follow Geek Girl Öresund on Twitter, read their blog and if you like what they do flattr them.

Photos by: Viktoria Blomberg , Lina Rudin, and unknown.

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