Our Traveling Banner got some company

I recently asked you to send us stickers of your websites/services/companies/bands that we can put on our traveling Flattr banner. I’m now glad to tell you that our banner is not empty any more.

With the help of Per, who’s one of our code ninjas and also much taller than myself, we got all of them up there. Per also had the honor of putting up the Youtify sticker first since he’s the guy building that service.

Then we carried on with putting up stickers from MakerBot, whom Per recently visited in New York.

I’d gotten a few letters with stickers from The Shallows, Super5, 17fevrier, Telecomix and Little gamers. The stickers from dksp were personally delivered to us, since Pontus also happens to be our lead designer.

There are rumors of more stickers in the mail waiting to arrive in our postbox and finding a new home on our traveling banner. Expect further updates.

Check out the pictures below:

You can still send me your stickers, and if you want Flattr stickers send us a letter with an envelope with your adress already written on it:

Flattr AB
Box 4111
SE-203 12 Malmö

4 thoughts on “Our Traveling Banner got some company

  1. Oh some Flattr stickers on my travel netbook would be nice ;) I already have a large number of stickers from the last camp and congress. But requesting them with an “analogue envelope”? I thought you guys at Flattr take advantage of the technology which makes life easier … ^^

  2. Unfortunately onny, we don’t have a teleporter yet :( Not even of as small things as stickers, and you’d possibly need a receiver at your end, and you know how expensive those can be! Heh…

    But in all seriousness, if you send us an envelope with your address already printed on it it will make life much easier for us, we will know you really want the stickers and we’ll save time on our end.

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