Meet us at Crowdconf, Mozilla Festival and Geekend

November is going to be a busy time, we’ll be attending quite a few events and we’d love to meet up if you’re also going or happen to live in the area.

CrowdConf 2011, November 1-2, San Francisco

CrowdConf is the first and leading conference on crowdsourcing and while it focuses on the future of distributed work there’s million things that crowds are good for. A perfect match for Flattr and we’re happy to say that participants can flattr presentations, presenters, other participants (read about our experience with flattrable events). Linus will also run a workshop on crowdfunding which of course is our bread and butter. If you’re there and want to meet up then ping either Linus or Andrus.

Pst! Want 25% discount when signing up to the CrowdConf? Use the code CFSPKRD.

Mozilla Festival, November 4-6, London

I like how Mozilla Festival introduces itself: “A three-ring circus of brainstorming, collaborating and hacking. For journalists, open web developers and media educators.” We’re out in full force, acting as the human API helping teams figure out the best ways to fund their projects. I’m also running a workshop called “Making money from free”, you’re welcome to join that although the schedule is a bit unclear right now. Ross, Andrus and myself (siim) would love to talk to anyone who’s trying to figure out if Flattr is the right choice for them.

Geekend, November 10-12, Savannah, Georgia, US

We’ll hop on a plane again and shoot over to the largest geekfest in the South-East of the USA and join a crowd of geeks, designers, developers, artists and others to create, talk about creating but also how to sell what you’ve made in the broadest sense. Linus will climb up on the soap box again and deliver a “Can fans and followers pay for your iPhone 5?” dog and pony show.

Geekend is the 2nd large event in the US that is fully flattrable. The idea is to get participants to show their appreaciation for the presenters, presentations, someone they meet during the break who gives them a kick ass idea, helps with a project…

If you’re planning to go then use Eventbrite code “Flattr” and get a special price of $95.

Are you going? Please get in touch, Linus and myself will be there for 4 days and want to meet local startups, content creators, website owners. Get in touch – again, ping us on Skype, leave a comment or drop me an email at