How to Use Flattr on YouTube

Not all websites support Flattr buttons but there are a different solutions to still give your viewers, readers, followers, fans to flattr your content on these sites. This post explains how to add a Flattr button to video on Youtube.

To add a link to flattr from your YouTube videos follow these 3 steps:

cc-by webtreats1. Manually submit a link to the video on When the thing is created you’ll be directed to the things page, use this URL in the next step.

2. Add the URL you got from step one to the video description on YouTube.
This can be done with an added message like “Support us via Flattr”, or whatever fits.

3. Done! YouTube will now automatically make the URL into a Link.

To get support from your crowd you need to let them know now.

If you feel this is not enough, ask @youtube if they can implement Flattr!

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5 thoughts on “How to Use Flattr on YouTube

  1. i like this i started to do this like a year ago with my youtube videos but i whant youtube to implement flattr to there system to so whats stopping them really wanna know ?? :I

  2. I do not succeed in creating a flattr button at my video in youtube.
    I followed your instructions, but that didn’t help.
    Could you please lead me through?

  3. Hey, Sabina. If this is still relevant, I just went through the steps. What they don’t say is that on the submit page:

    … you first have to click “Create a button manually”.
    Url: Put the url of your YouTube video
    Title: Enter the title of your video (manually copy/paste from YouTube)
    Category: Select Video
    Description: You can copy this from your YT video as well
    Tags: You can copy this as well, just put commas between tags
    Language: Whatever language your video is in

    Click “Get Button” and you’re taken to the page with your new thing to flatter on. Just see the URL of this page in your browser, something like

    Copy this URL into your YouTube description (you can change https into http) so people can click on it and flattr you on

  4. I really wish Flattr could actually be integrated with YouTube… would it be possible to do it without official support? Like with the browser extension?

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